8 Reasons Everybody Needs A Hedgehog
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8 Reasons Everybody Needs A Hedgehog

1. Because they're adorable!!!


I recently got my first hedgehog ever, and I'm beyond thrilled that I did! Her name is Hazel, and she's just like me but in hedgehog form. She sleeps the majority of the day and is only awake for a few hours at night!

We're still figuring each other out, but through that, we've really begun to bond. I can't believe I lived life without her for so long, but I'm thankful I have her now! So if you're considering buying a hedgie, here are just a few reasons that you definitely should!

1. They're great companions.

I call Hazel my little buddy. She's like a little companion to me! I always feel so bad leaving her to go to class during the day, but I know that she'll sleep the entire time I'm gone. I love the moments when I finally get to take her out of her cage at the end of the day!

2. They're hilarious.

Basically, everything that hedgies do I think is amusing! And on top of that, being the curious creatures they are, they get themselves into quite hilarious situations.

3. They make good playmates.

Give your hedgie a cat ball with a bell in it, and he'll go crazy! Also, most hedgehogs love to run, so giving him a wheel can get rid of some of his energy. Hazel doesn't do that though because she's lazy and likes to sleep all the time.

4. They're a great distraction from your school life.

A big part of the reason I bought Hazel was that I felt lonely living all alone in my apartment. My neighbors have dogs, but I know that my studio is much too small for a puppy, and because I'm gone frequently, I knew I couldn't leave a dog for any amount of time. I also become very easily stressed from school, so Hazel became my distraction from stressful school work.

5. They can bring joy.

Hazel brings me more joy than most things ever could. She is sweet and enjoyable to handle. I am always eager to get home after class so that I can see her again!

6. They are easily entertained.

Even a simple towel can become so much fun! Hedgies are typically easily entertained, and Hazel is not an exception. She is easily entertained by crawling under my socks.

7. They're not difficult to take care of, if you do it right.

Taking care of a hedgehog isn't meant to be terribly time-consuming. But I still set aside specific days to clean Hazel's cage, and I designate certain times every day to take her out of her cage.

8. It's so rewarding.

I can't begin to describe how rewarding it is to know that this little animal depends on me to give her a good life. And it's so rewarding to know that she loves me!

So if you're looking for a fun, adorable pet to keep you company, look into getting a hedgehog! Be sure to do your research first though. Hedgehogs are very delicate animals with certain needs. But as long as that's fine with you, go for it! I'm sure you won't regret it.

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