As a college graduate and now newlywed, you'd think I would have the common knowledge of basic things and no longer need to call or text my mother for every single thing I find myself being uncertain about.

These are just several of the non-exaggerated thousands of reasons I contact my mom for or have heard my husband or friends call their moms for.

1. "Mom, how long do I cook chicken for?"

2. "So, how do I know that the chicken is finished?"

3. "I stepped on the spike strip under my carpet, am I going to be okay?"

4. "I had a really bad dream and woke up with anxiety. I know it's 3 a.m., but are you awake?"

5. "How many Tylenol's should I take for my headache? I know it says two, but what if I don't really need two?"

6. "What's the best brand of _______ at the store?"

Enter your own item in the blank- mine changes daily.

7. "My dog is being absolutely insane, but I don't want to hurt his feelings. Tell me what to do."

8. "I'm just really bored right now, entertain me please."

9. "How are you doing? I really am missing you."

10. "Girl, you'll never believe what on Earth just happened to me today."

11. "Insert name here" just did this to me and I am really upset right now."

12. "Mom, I am driving home after work right now and my husband won't answer so what's up?"

13. "Mom, I don't feel like talking to my husband since I'll talk to him later or he won't answer me. I miss you, so talk to me while I drive home."

14. "It's storming outside and I am really scared. Tell me what to do even though you are four hours away."

16. "Mom, I left the creamer out all day on accident, soooo is it still good I really need some coffee?"

17. "My husband bought our dog a shock collar. It breaks my heart, will he hate us? Does it hurt him? Can I just keep it on vibrate?"

18. "I love you, Mom. I just wanted to hear your voice."

Of course, most of these are completely silly and not at all serious conversations, but they are actually legit reasons that either I have reached out to my mom about or people close to me have reached out to theirs about.

My mom is someone who I know will sit there and listen to me vent and then turn around and tell me what's going on in her own life. I can tell you that our conversations will never be dull with each other and will most likely begin with one of these random questions or thoughts.