Signs of coffee are everywhere in college. Keurig, Mr. Coffee: these coffee machines are now prerequisites of living in a dorm. There are numerous Starbucks on campus and every dining hall has at least a coffee machine and probably an espresso machine now too. Going to an 8 a.m. class is like attending a coffee conference; thermoses and tumblers of all shapes and sizes carrying a vital morning beverage. Coffee is pervasive throughout a college student's life and for good reason.

Some adults say that we have become too dependent on coffee for our age. They say it's too early for us to need coffee in our life.

But I disagree. Coffee is not only useful as a stimulant to keep college students awake during long-all nighters, but it can also be a great social instrument for meeting with friends.

Here are some reasons why college students shouldn't be afraid to drink a cup of coffee a day as explained by Friends characters.

1. Drinking a moderate amount of coffee (1-2 cups) can reduce your risk of heart disease

Yes, that's right. Coffee is a healthy habit as long as you have it in moderation.

2. Coffee is a much better alternative to energy drinks

Coffee has fewer calories, more antioxidants which can combat cancer, and less sugar with little difference in caffeine levels.

3. Coffee is easy to make and cost-effective

You don't necessarily need "magic" coffee beans anymore. Making a one-time investment in a Keurig or a Mr. Coffee machine allows you to make a cup of coffee in about 90 seconds for 20 cents per K-cup.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you're studying for your next exam, socializing with friends, or just need a pick me up in the morning, go get your cup of joe.