8 Reasons You Should Appreciate Hawkeye
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8 Reasons You Should Appreciate Hawkeye

Sure, he can't fly or summon lightning, but Hawkeye is relatable at the end of the day.

8 Reasons You Should Appreciate Hawkeye
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Whenever I talk to people about the Avengers movies, I come across similar complaints. Stuff like "Do they really need Hawkeye?" "He seems pretty useless," and "What does he even offer?" Well, I'll tell you, people! Hopefully, this list will help you gain an appreciation for Clint Barton AKA The Avenging Archer!

8. Hawkeye fights for the little guy

After becoming disillusioned with the Avengers, Hawkeye would resign and form his own team called "Occupy Avengers." Clint and this new team would focus on traveling across America and helping the disenfranchised by fighting crime and improving communities.

7. He was once a badass ninja

Hawkeye once received extensive hand-to-hand combat training from Captain America. Unfortunately, Cap would die soon after. Clint would later ditch the Hawkeye identity and take on the name "Ronin." Ronin would use the skills taught to him in order to fight crime and honor is fallen comrade.

6. He's actually a reformed villain

It's true! Hawkeye actually made his debut in comics as a villain in 1964. He would later be brought onto The Avengers by Iron Man, which was met with great controversy.

5. He's a dog lover

Clint would eventually adopt a dog that was previously owned by the mafia. His name is Pizza Dog, how could you not love that?

4. He's a great leader

Hawkeye has proven he's got what it takes to lead! The man has been the leader of multiple teams including The West Coast Avengers, Occupy Avengers, The Thunderbolts, and most recently an Anti-Hydra resistance group.

3. Hawkeye is actually deaf

This is an aspect of the character I really wish was addressed in the Marvel movies. Hawkeye is actually one of the few deaf superheroes (that I know of). Not only does this make his crime-fighting abilities all the more impressive, but it's also great for representation!

2. Hawkeye is really funny

I'll let these two images speak for themselves.

1. He's just a regular guy

Sure, he can't fly or summon lightning, but Hawkeye is relatable at the end of the day. When you have a team made up of Norse Gods and Iron Men, it feels good seeing a normal guy in their ranks. Hawkeye is just like us when he's not fighting aliens or killer robots.

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