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10 Men Who Are Just Really Nice To Look At

Literally just a list of hot dudes. Literally, no one can complain.

10 Men Who Are Just Really Nice To Look At

Hollywood has some talent, there's no denying it. But the industry not only cranks out the dramatic it also produces media featuring really attractive people. As someone who appreciates looking at attractive people (famous men, in this instance), I compiled a list of some of my favorites so that they are all conveniently in one place. Enjoy.

1. Jared Leto

#WWJD (what would Jared do)

2. Tom Hiddleston

Fun fact: I named my first cat Loki.

3. Johnny Depp

I feel like I don't need to offer an explanation for this man...

4. Jamie Cambell Bower

Can sing, can act, is British??? What more do we need???

5. Daniel Howell

British, curly boy.

6. Micheal B. Jordan

I am overwhelmed.

7. Tom Holland

I would not mind if he passed along that frog living in his mouth to me...

8. Harry Styles

Cheeky Lad with the long legs and strong, undulating... vocal chords.

9. Antoni Porowski

Is Canadian, fashionable, and can cook like a pro. Better yet, will TEACH you how to cook for yourself.

10. Karamo Brown

Motivational and dresses well #BaldIsBeautiful

All of these men are talented in some way, shape or form. But they are also pretty damn hot, which just adds to our obsession with them. Feel free to come back to this page any time you feel the need to swoon.

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