A Reality to Many
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A Reality to Many

The American Dream continues to be an aspiration to many.

A Reality to Many
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The American Dream is an aspiration to many worldwide. It embodies hope, prosperity, and equality for U.S. citizens and perhaps immigrants who desire to start a new life. It is a land where one can live a life with no restrictions and pursue their dreams. It is a melting pot: filled with a diversity of religions, races, and multicultural backgrounds. And it is these characteristics that help formulate the hope of achieving an American Dream.

The United States is a popular place for aspiring immigrants to move to because citizens’ are given rights guaranteed by the constitution. According to the Declaration of Independence, “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” Apart from dictatorial countries, the United States is known for having a democracy where everyone is granted free rights, such as freedom of speech or the freedom to bear arms. It is these rights that make the American Dream operate.

With the growing discontent with American immigration, some believe that immigrants are just a waste of space. Even though some may say that they clog up their jobs, they are able to bring dreams and hopes with them. Barack Obama, our 44th president, serves as a great example on how one can achieve the American dream by trying. “After working his way through college with the help of scholarships and student loans, President Obama moved to Chicago, where he worked with a group of churches to help rebuild communities devastated by the closure of local steel plants.” Obama uses his knowledge to give back to the community to maintain a balanced place. He lives the American story by climbing his way to the top.

Often times, we might find a problem lingering above our heads. Occasionally, there are the clusters of people who have view things from a different lense than others. An accommodation to this would be the presidential election that appears every four years. Citizens get to vote for who they believe will make America a better place. A candidate whose ideas are in alliance with the voter. With new electoral candidates bringing in their ideas to office, it broadens the endless horizon of opinions that will accommodate our nation’s diverse viewpoints. America is a country where change is accepted and reformed. When difficulties come its way, it will not give up.

The American Dream is not perfect. One can expect to tread through some bumps through the road. But America is a road constantly under construction. It continues to further develop itself to make it a country in which it is favorable to almost everybody. It is the effort of the people that bring life to the American Dream and make it a reality. And with those efforts, the American Dream remains alive today.
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