The Reality of a Trump Supporting, College Student Post Election
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The Reality of a Trump Supporting, College Student Post Election

Yes, it happened

The Reality of a Trump Supporting, College Student Post Election

Today, in my visual art class, a girl gave her article summary presentation on how women exploit themselves (uncensored) and call it art. To me, it was basically porn, but she said the purpose was to generate conversation without "slut shaming." To me, this was the most condescending and hypocritical thing to ever happen at my witnessing. Girl can explicitly exploit themselves completely, but Mr. Trump cannot simply speak a sexual remark to his buddy in private without "making girls feel like they have lost their value, worth, and potential." He only said those things, yet these very young women have paintings of themselves and other women doing sexual activities. It was revealed these actions were done, some obvious such as Kim Kardashian, but the artist's actions depicted as well. According to the presenter, both her and the twin painters believe the purpose behind these paintings is because "it is hilarious!" To me, it poses the question of how hypocritical can one get?

If women want equality, this means social equality as well, so stop calling me a sexist. I mean, I'm a lady, so how does that even work?

Something else that happened to me was two of my former friends really did not like the idea that I voted for Trump. I was called many things, and so was Trump in this one sided conversation. One of those things being a "bigot," but I assume they did not realize they were acting out the definition of that word. They also said I was dumb for casting my vote for someone that does not care about anyone especially me, personally. Well for starters, Hillary is okay with the idea of abortion at any stage of the pregnancy. If you did not know, Hillary became a grandma about two years ago to a girl born a few weeks early. If under her presidency, the mom was scared that something was going to happen to her body, she could have murdered her child legally. It seems to me like Hillary is the one that does not care allowing these heartless actions. The right to life is the most preeminent right one could have, so the fact a woman would not go to prison for ending a life but a man that killed a puppy would is absolutely ludicrous. An abortionist no better than a terrorist, killing people without a thought. It is even more disgusting seeing people tweet about it, "All of y'all Trump supporters are gonna be really mad when your sister gets pregnant and can't get an abortion." Maybe this is where the "slut shaming" originates?

Also, let me set the record straight as to how President-Elect Donald Trump does care about us. 1) The end of common core. As someone who is very passionate about education, I hate common core. I suffered through it enough. For example, in math, we were taught a process to get the answer. I knew a much easier process that had the same outcome. However, they were all marked incorrect because I did not fulfill the 'standard,' That is common core. It deteriorates the idea of free thinking and solving problems with your own brain. It is judging a bear and a fish in an on land race. 2) I am a $3. 26 in my bank account kind of student, so with China's very high rates, prices will skyrocket. However, a trade war could potentially lead to a compromise, but if we do nothing, nothing will change. 3) THE SAFETY OF MY FAMILY AND NATION!!!! With the war in Syria that the U.S has participated in and ISIS, I would rather have a stubborn, truthful, say it like it is, and patriotic man as the commander-in-chief rather than a woman who was in charge of the security of those abroad, allowed Stevens to express his concern for his security, and months later allow him and three others to die. 4) Health care reform is finally going to happen, but most importantly, price transparency will actually give the consumer options that work best for their needs. As clumsy as I am and how often random sicknesses take over my body, I want to ensure that my (hopeful) future family and other families will have options and be economically stable without burdens as well.

Finally, stop calling me stupid. People are NOT stupid for having different opinions. I don't believe Hillary supporters are stupid, I just have different priorities and morals. Yes, you can express them, but stop spreading so much hate. Thank you, and God Bless.

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