Realistic New Year's Resolutions
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Realistic New Year's Resolutions

Here's to an all around better year, and a slightly better you.

Realistic New Year's Resolutions
Happy New Year 2018

Every year on January first you start off the year by making an unrealistic resolution that you have every intention of keeping all year long. By January 6th, however, you have usually broken the resolution already. 2018 will be the year that you will stick to your resolution all year long. Why? Because this year you will not make an unrealistic expectation for yourself. You know you are not going to change your old ways overnight, so why not make an easier goal for yourself this year. Here are a few examples of resolutions that you can strive to keep for the next 12 months to become better, more fit, or smarter you.

1. Never eat the whole bag of Doritos in one sitting

We have all had the idea that we want to lose weight in the new year. Instead of setting the unrealistic goal of losing eight pounds, make a small goal to never again eat a full bag of chips in one day. A few chips are okay, and sometimes half the bag is even better.

2. Treat yourself often

Regret spending an absurd amount of money on unnecessary items in 2017? Make your goal of 2018 to treat yourself often. At least once a month make a purchase for your own enjoyment. Go to the mall, your favorite restaurant, or the nail salon to treat yourself, because you deserve it.

3. Purchase an As Seen On TV workout product

Gym memberships are expensive and going to the gym means purchasing nice, overpriced workout clothes, driving to the gym, and running on the boring treadmill. Spice it up by purchasing an As Seen on TV workout product instead! These are cheap, available at many stores, and they might work, but who knows. For your resolution this year, purchase a Simply Fit Board a Shake Weight and call it good enough.

4. Break one bad habit

We all have a list of habits that we want to break, but instead of choosing to fix all of the small things that you do wrong, focus on just one. Make small adjustments to help you limit the habit you want to break. Stop biting all of your nails, stop cursing during the week, or stop smoking before noon.

5. Wake up before noon on weekdays

Instead of wanting to be more productive in general, set a small goal of waking up before noon, but only during the week. Weekends are for sleeping in and being lazy, so be more productive during the week days by waking up and starting your day a little earlier.

Make 2018 the year that you set a realistic goal that you can keep. Spend the next twelve months working on a realistic resolution. Here's a toast to an all around better year, and a slightly better you.

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