Dear Santa (Burns Hargis),

This Christmas, us (the student body) have a few requests. This year, we have been ever so good. We cheered on our Cowboys every gameday, arrived on time to the majority of our classes and managed to put on the greatest homecoming in America. Our wishes are as follows.

1. A winning basketball team and coach

We have watched the rollercoaster of games, and we hope for the best. We want to see a great season.

2. No more classes in North Classroom Building

We actually really do love this building, just not the long walk to it.

3. Less parking tickets

All I know is that the majority of my extra expenses are due to the amount of parking tickets over the past 3 years.

4. University sponsored Uber's every Thursday through Saturday

Other campuses in Oklahoma participate in this generous idea, and we should, too. Let's keep the campus safe and keep our records clean.

5. Cancelling class with a 24-hour warning

Leaving a note on the classroom door for us to find when we arrive is something the Grinch would do.

6. No long lines to Murphy's, College Bar, Outlaws or Curty Shack (and no cutting for the football team)

This one explains itself.

7. Less construction

We are very appreciative of the beautiful new buildings on campus, but we are college students, not Dora the Explorer.

8. Later kickoff times next football season

We truly love our football team, tailgating and of course Boone Pickens Stadium; but it would be much more enjoyable at 7:00 pm at night.

9. Quicker/shorter lines at Chick-Fil-A, Caribou Coffee and Baja Fresh

Our 3 favorite hot spots in the union are extremely crowded between the hours of 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. It would make our lives so much easier if there was a solution to this problem.

10. Better artists at Calf Fry

Can Miranda Lambert make an appearance again?

11. Later operation hours at Cafe Libro

We love that the library is now open 24/5, but we would love it even more if Cafe Libro stayed open later for our late night cravings.

12. Fireworks in Boone Pickens Stadium (again)

One of my favorite memories as a student is when there were huge fireworks in BPS. Bring this back for a game or two next year?

Oklahoma State has been so good to us this year, and we couldn't imagine our college years spent anywhere else. And we promise to leave cookies and milk out for you this Christmas Eve, alongside our high GPAs and flawless resumes. We hope our wishlist finds you well. Merry Christmas, Burns.


The hardest working, most deserving, kindest and best students in the nation. (Your favorite students in the nation).