If You’re Terrified About Entering the Real World After College, This Is What You Need To Remember
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If You’re Terrified About Entering the Real World After College, This Is What You Need To Remember

It's hard, but that's the beauty in it.

If You’re Terrified About Entering the Real World After College, This Is What You Need To Remember

Ending this year will be a bitter-sweet moment for me. It will leave me with the knowledge that when I resume school in the spring, I will be beginning my last year of college, and newsflash: I am not looking forward to it. This is because I know I have to start growing up to get ready for real life.

I like to plan things way before they happen because I don't like surprises, and when things don't work out, it creates a lot of anxiety for me. But ironically, life is quite the opposite; there are so many twists and turns that come up, things that can either end up leaving trails of disaster or leave us with the happiest experience we've ever had. As college students, we don't get to deal with most of the problematic parts.

The highest things we struggle with are either stressing over exams and assignment due dates, trying to pay bills (if we have them) on time, or trying hard to make sure we have the best college memories we can ever have. This, however, is the opposite after we graduate college. This is when real life happens, a time when we get to deal with actual responsibilities or what I call "adulting." And it is worse at this time because our parents are not there for us to rely on as we used to when we needed help in college.

We start growing up with so many expectations set for us, things that we have to achieve or think of start meeting by the time college ends. We have to get a good job, find someone great to settle and have a family with, make sure our finances are in order, and many other scary things.

However, even while all of these dreadful things are busy stirring at the back of my mind, one thing I keep trying to remember is that there's nothing life gives me that's too big for me to handle. Whenever I have doubts or anxiety over what is going to happen to me after I graduate, I always remember the times when I had problems that I thought was too much. Times when I cried because I thought that was the end, and whenever I remember these times, I always think of how I handled them and how it made me gain more confidence in myself.

So, this is my advice to you college seniors out there who will be graduating soon: yes, life is full of surprises, but don't forget that you are stronger than you think you are, you will be able to handle all of the hard balls you get it with. Remember, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel - relax and go with the flow because everything good will come.

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