10 Things To Do In New York City That Actual New Yorkers Do For Fun, No Tourists Allowed

10 Things To Do In New York City That Actual New Yorkers Do For Fun, No Tourists Allowed

No museums. No landmarks. Just New York in all its gritty glory.

Well, it’s finally happening. I’m busy Tetris-ing my books into flimsy cardboard boxes and contemplating donating my entire winter wardrobe as I get ready to leave my humble Queens apartment and make the move to my new, even more humble, fourth-floor walk-up in Manhattan.

After a year of daily hour-long commutes (if I was lucky) to and from school and work, I can now say I’m happily graduated and ready to have a nice break until I start grad school in the winter. In my new place, with Central Park to the South and the Cloisters in my backyard, I’ll have no shortage of opportunities to leave my little shoebox.

If you ever find yourself in the city wanting to do something new and off the beaten path, look no further. Here are 10 of the coolest recommendations I’ve been given by long-time New Yorkers that are well worth the trek.

1. Sleep No More

Film noir. "Macbeth." Immersive theatre. "Sleep No More" is an enchanting and artistically liberated production of Shakespeare’s "Macbeth" that is fully immersive and almost completely silent bar the intermittent jazzy music and mumbling of lone characters. This experience takes place at the McKittrick Hotel, a playhouse modeled into a fictional hotel where the audience and the players share the same space.

You can walk around and experience the show at your own pace and to your liking. Whether you decide to follow one particular character around, or multiple, each viewing is different and unique.

2. Mother’s Ruin

I can’t make this list without repping my new favorite bar in the city. I don’t even drink that much but the atmosphere at this cozy (and boozy) dive bar in Nolita is second to none. It’s local, it’s real, it’s got slushy cocktails. But a trip wouldn’t be complete without a beer with all the fixings (Tecate in a can, with lime juice, Cholula, and salt poured on the top—I’m drooling just thinking about it.)

3. Shakespeare in the park

Although this is probably more well known, it still deserves this spot. Every summer since its inauguration in 1962, the Public Theatre has hosted these free performances in Central Park. They are full on professional productions of Shakespeare’s plays that often star well-known names like Meryl Streep or Denzel Washington. Be sure to check out "Othello" or "Twelfth Night" this summer!

4. Interference Archive

Ah, my home. The Interference Archive in Brooklyn is the go-to spot for activists and cultural enthusiasts alike. This grassroots archive, fully supported by the community around it, is home to a huge collection of photos, pamphlets, buttons, posters, etc. from the various social movements in the U.S. in order to explore the relationship between these movements and cultural creation. I invite you to visit and take part in a talk or a workshop to fully engage with these movements and learn how to get involved and be more active in your own community.

5. Pier 66

Located in the Hudson River Park in Chelsea, Pier 66 is the perfect place for any outdoorsy New Yorker to get their fill of the water. Kayak, sail, or paddle board out onto the Hudson for the day and soak up the sun while you get some unique views of the NYC skyline (not to mention a great shoulder and ab workout).

6. Rockaway Beach & Boardwalk

Surf, swim, yoga, tacos, hot sauce and beer. I don’t know about you but that sounds like one hell of a summer to me.

7. Supermoon Bakehouse

If you want beautiful traditionally hand-crafted croissants and donuts with expert flavor combinations in a thoroughly modern NYC setting, then Supermoon is the place to go. Located on the Lower East Side, this pastry shops menu changes very frequently, so if you see something you like, you might want to go, like, now. I know I do.

8. Museum of Sex

Okay. I know I said I wouldn’t have museums on here. But c’mon, this place is just so fucking cool (pun definitely intended).

9. Poets House

There’s no greater love of mine than surrounding myself with like-minded people. That’s why Poets House is so dear to me. If you like reading poetry, talking about poetry, performing poetry, or even studying poetry, this library and events center is the place for you.

10. The Explorers Club

Much like the Poets House, The Explorers Club is a place where you can see and hear research being done around the globe. From talks to exhibits on topics ranging from engineering to anthropology, The Explorers Club offers the opportunity to educate yourself and have fun doing it.

Cover Image Credit: Deanna Zarrillo

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10 Reasons You're Missing Out On A Huge Part Of The US If You've Never Been To The Mississippi Gulf Coast



I only listed 10 but there are so much more.

1. The Islands

Mississippi's barrier islands are seriously a hidden gem. While most Mississippians know what the barrier islands are, the most they can tell you is that they protect our coastline during hurricanes. However, unless you're from the Coast, most people have no clue that we have gorgeous white sand beaches a few miles south. In the summer, there's no party like an island party and no day like a boat day.

2. The Casinos.

I'm not 21, so I can't gamble, obviously. But staying at the casinos is the best stay-cation. From the Hard Rock, to the Golden Nugget, to the Scarlet Pearl, a weekend getaway to one of Biloxi's finest hotels is such a blast. Girl's night? Stay at a casino. Pool day? Stay at a casino. You're guaranteed to have SO much fun.

3. Cruisin’ the Coast

At this point, I feel like everyone in the USA should know what Cruisin' is. If you don't, here's the run-down: it's a week-long car show during October with the country's finest cars. It's a non-stop party. The Coast does not sleep for a whole week. People come from all over, and chances are, you could even meet a few people that have traveled internationally for this. I look forward to Cruisin' all year long; it is undoubtedly the highlight of October. Getting to ride around in my dad's vintage Willys Jeep- there is nothing better.

4. The Pascagoula River

Personally, I am more of a saltwater girl than a freshwater girl, but river days are a Mississippi Gulf Coast staple. I love to go fishing with my brother or go for an afternoon boat ride.

5. The Fishing

Y'all, I LOVE to fish!!!! Nothing beats deep-sea fishing. On the Coast, people legitimately pay to go fishing in the Gulf of Mexico via charter boat! It is so much fun and such a great adventure. It's become a way of life for a lot of people- it's how many make a living.

6. The Will to Thrive

The people of the Gulf of Mexico are survivors. In the last twenty years, this place has gone through a multitude of tragedies, but we have still managed to thrive. Hurricane Katrina wiped out a good portion of the Coast, nearly as bad as it razed New Orleans. Businesses, families, and homes were destroyed. We have built our lives from the ground up.

A few years after Hurricane Katrina, we experienced the BP oil spill. Those who made a living off of fishing, shrimping, or anything relating to the Gulf of Mexico became incapable of putting food on the table for their families. People who enjoyed going to the islands, swimming, fishing, or watching the wildlife were unable to. Our wetlands were quickly being ruined. People of the Coast are survivors despite all odds.

7. Mardi Gras

Originating in Mobile, Alabama, Mardi Gras rapidly became a Mississippi tradition as well. Although Mardi Gras is technically only one day, coasties celebrate Fat Tuesday for well over a month. From balls, to parades, to huge parties, Mardi Gras is surely a South Mississippi staple. It's an experience like NO other, I promise you.

8. The Seafood

If you have a serious food addiction (like me), nothing beats the Gulf Coast’s seafood. I’m serious. From Bozo’s in Pascagoula, to Huck’s Cove and the Tiki in Gautier, getting a seafood fix is super easy. A lot of people celebrate holidays and spend time with family over seafood. Crawfish boils on the Coast are PHENOMENAL. If you like boiled shrimp, fried oysters, or grilled tuna, then the Coast is the place for you.

9. The Festivals

If you haven't figured it out yet, everybody in the 228 is always ready to celebrate something. We LOVE a good party. My personal favorites are the Crawfish festival and the Peter Anderson Art festival- but these are just a drop in the bucket.

The Gulf Coast holds so many festivals each year. The Crawfish festival is basically a time to gorge yourself on crawfish and listen to really good music. In the past, artists like Riley Green (heart eyes) have performed!!! The Peter Anderson festival celebrates local artists- professional and amateur. It is so relaxing to walk around Downtown Ocean Springs, looking at art and eating popsicles.

10. The People!!!

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is one really big family. We call ourselves anything from #coasttrash to #the228 to #coasties. When you’re traveling and meet someone from the Coast, it’s like finding a little piece of home, no matter where you’re at. Hospitality runs rampant down here. There’s no place I’d rather be!

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