Social media has dedicated the past 72 hours covering the squabbling among the Youtube beauty community, when it should really be focusing on the outrageous and prevalent issues that are affecting real, everyday people.

1. Alabama's abortion laws are forcing victims of rape to give birth.

Alabama passed a law that bans abortions in all stages of pregnancy, under any circumstances. This means that a female that is raped and impregnated will be forced to give birth to the child. This also means that the 11-year old that was forced to give birth to her rapist's child in Argentina could very well be a situation that takes place within our own nation.

2. They are also forcing women that are victims of incest to give birth.

Alabama's new ban on abortion includes victims of incest, meaning the state doesn't mind having little girls raped by their own relatives birthing their children. It seems like these laws are more concerned with protecting the unborn life rather then the developed human, doesn't it?

3. Other states have also joined the bandwagon, banning abortion after 8 weeks.

Missouri became the most recent state to ban abortion after eight weeks (including instances of rape and incest, of course). This means that a victim has eight weeks to realize she is pregnant due to her rape and have the procedure done. Other states that passed these similar restrictive laws include Utah, Arkansas, Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Mississippi.

4. The definition of rape is being argued.

I'm not making this up. One of Missouri's state representatives, Barry Harris, argued that most rape is consensual and very "he said she said", making it difficult to allow exceptions for "victims of rape". This piece of scum later apologized for his misspoken words, but we all know he did that in order to prevent further backlash.

5. A 10 year old migrant died in US custody...due to a fever.

It was recently reported that a 10-year-old girl died in US custody in September 2018. Her death was just made public, meaning our government and president spent almost a year concealing it.

These are the issues that we should be concerned about. These are the issues that should make our blood boil and our minds race. These are the issues that we should be talking about.