The Real Housewives Of Potomac Is My Guilty Pleasure

RHOP follows the lives of Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, Monique Samuels, Ashley Darby, and newcomer Candice Dillard in the city of Potomac, Maryland- which is outside of Washington D.C. It's had three full seasons so far, and RHOP just kicked off Season 4 in May. I really enjoy RHOP, because a lot of the women on this show were friends before the show specifically Robyn and Gizelle who have been deemed as the "Green-Eyed Bandits". My favorite friendship is Karen and Gizelle, because they are clearly frenemies but they still have respect for each other considering the fact that they have known each other for over five years and they definitely butt heads from time to time.

While some of the ladies are actually friends before the show, some cannot stand each other. Gizelle and Season 2 newcomer Monique Samuels didn't just argue a lot, but it was clear that they did not like each other. In the reunion special, the ladies both claimed that their relationship had improved since filming, but in Season 2, these two seemed to really dislike each other. Which made for lots of cringeworthy and watchable moments. It's funny because my two favorite characters from the show are Gizelle and Monique, because they are both so shady and they are so funny to me. Another thing I really enjoy about this show is the fact that etiquette is the utmost importance especially with the Grande Dame of Potomac Karen Huger. She always stresses the importance of etiquette which is extremely funny. Karen Huger drivers me nuts, because she acts like she is the Grande Dame of Potomac, yet her husband had issues with their business taxes. Karen Huger lives and extremely lavish lifestyle because she calls her husband "the black Bill Gates". Monique also lives a lavish lifestyle but hey at least she can say that she can afford it. One thing that this show is known for is the amount of shade each cast members throws at each other at any time and anyplace. They will have full-on arguments over who's technically "hosting" a specific event, people being kicked out of parties, and throwing shade about each other's romantic lives.

I am starting to watch Season 4 right now and I can say that it is meeting my expectations because all of the women have something to bring to the table and the shade is just starting.

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