Summer's over but i'm ready for school

I Used To Like Summer When I Was Younger But After My First Year Of College I Dreaded It

I wasn't looking forward to summer but maybe not in the way you would expect.

Haleigh Golden

I remember when I was around elementary school age and summertime finally came around, I could not have been more excited. I would wake up early and go to the park with my family or ride bicycles on the trail near my house or go to the pool if it was warm enough. But throughout the whole summer, I dreaded for it to end. Then when I was around intermediate school age I would still wake up early and I would be thrilled to go to different summer camps, hang out with friends, or go over to different friend's houses. But once again, I dreaded for summer to end.

However, my excitement and anticipation for summertime changed when I entered middle school. When the first day of summer finally rolled around I remember that all I really wanted to do was sleep. I wanted just one day where I wasn't busy going to a summer camp, doing summer homework, or feeling pressured to go to hang out with friends. Yet, I still thought it was better than being in school. By the time I entered high school I was feeling beyond exhausted and that carried over into the following summers. Between trying to work, hanging out with friends, summer homework and college prep by senior year I felt like I was hanging by a thread. But, I remember that I still felt that it was better than being in school.

Yet again, after I experienced my first year in college at the University of Cincinnati (UC) my summertime perspective changed.

Going into my first summer after being at UC for a year I was once again excited, not that summer had arrived, but I was excited to go back to UC. I must honestly say, I never thought that I would hear myself say that I was excited to go back to school. But I did! Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy seeing my friends, family, and dog again, in addition to visiting old teachers and attending both high school and college graduation parties. However, once I got the taste of collegiate life, there was something that simply changed my overall attitude about summer.

Now when the summertime rolls around I become anxious waiting for welcome weekend where everyone is finally back on campus. I look forward to the first few weeks of classes and getting to see old classmates, old friends and making new ones. I pray that the weather changes faster than scientifically possible, that way I can walk through campus with the beautiful fall colors surrounding me, but more importantly so football can begin. I also am not good at containing my excitement when it comes to going out with friends on the weekend and enjoying campus life and the food around campus.

To the college freshman, I know a lot of you may be nervous or have anxiety about leaving home, or maybe you are simply sad to be leaving your cat or dog. Regardless, if there is any advice that I have to give to a college freshman is this: carrying that nervousness and those anxieties around with you is not going to do you any good. And quite honestly, there is no reason to be nervous or have anxiety at UC.

It is very easy to make friends at UC whether it is through a club, organization or just in your classes. You will never be bored because there is always something going on, on campus. If you feel anxious about your coursework then simply talk to your professor, they are not only there to teach you but to help you if you are struggling. You also always go and talk to your academic advisors as well. One of the best things about campus is that there are always dogs walking around, so I promise you won't miss your dog as much as you thought. So take a deep breath and remind yourself to not only do your coursework but to also have fun and I promise you will be looking for school to start again as soon as possible by the time next summer rolls around!

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