I love you, reading week. It's a week with no classes. It's a week where everyone convinces themselves that they'll study and be productive, but then proceeds to stay out until 3:00 a.m. and sleep in until 2:00 p.m. every day.

Then, Friday morning creeps up and the panic of finals starts to sink in. Alas, reading week finally starts to actually seem more like a week of reading. Still, the inevitable panic of this time is complimented so beautifully by the bliss of it. Who knows panic and bliss better than the cast of "Gossip Girl?"

1. Monday

We made it! No class for a week means partying, food, sleep, and more partying. Cheers!

2. Tuesday

Doing nothing really is everything that it's chalked up to be.

3. Wednesday

Parents and/or peers try to talk you into studying, but you know better.

4. Thursday

That one kid in your Spanish Class tells you that he already finished the final project. He probably never has any fun, anyway.

5. Friday

You think that maybe it's time to buckle down for an hour or two, but no more than three.

6. Saturday

You start to panic that you're super behind in all of your work, but try to distract yourself by going out anyway.

7. Sunday

You realize that there's no way that you'll finish everything that you have to do without spending the next 24 hours in the library, which you proceed to do.

Good luck with finals!