College is a hard time to keep up with hobbies. With that, I haven't had much time to read just because I wanted to. However, with "Rule of One" by Ashley and Leslie Saunders, it's finals week and I couldn't have set the book down if I wanted to.

Written by twin sisters, this book follows the story of twin sisters in the dystopian United States where Americans have run the climate into the ground and where resources are limited. Every citizen is constantly surveilled and microchipped with all of their personal information and with all of the rations of anything that they are able to get access through the chip in their wrist. The government has limited the citizens to one child per family to conserve resources.

With this, twins Ava and Mira Goodwin have lived their entire lives both playing the part of Ava Goodwin while the other hides in a secret basement underneath their house. Their father, an upper-level doctor in the Family Planning Division has guided their deceit their whole lives. Their whole life was a game of strategy and planning how to never be seen or stand out. This works for them until one fateful day where the pesky grandson of the governor, Halton, exposes Ava and Mira for being twins.

After this moment, their father hands them each a backpack with supplies, a map, and a journal, and the two of them are sent on a cross-country adventure to try and find safety and themselves while wanted by the entire country.

The story is told with the alternating perspectives of Mira and Ava. Usually, I'm not a fan of alternating perspectives in a story, but this was a very unique and interesting situation for the perspectives. Although they're twins and were made to portray the same person their whole life, the twins offer very distinct and unique perspectives on their journey.

I also particularly enjoyed watching Mira's transformation throughout the story. Her whole life she only existed to two people and it's really cool to watch her finally become her own person and make her own decisions independent of being Ava Goodwin.

Throughout the journey, the girls learn the truth about themselves and about the world that they thought they knew. Once they start this journey, there's no going back to the life they once knew and it's clear neither of them would ever want to go back to that time anyway.

The book was action-packed and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I had no idea how Ava and Mira were going to overcome all of the challenges that they faced on their way. I was surprised and intrigued by every decision that they made in the face of adversity.

"Rule of One" is a one of a kind story that refreshingly relies more on the bond between sisters than any romance forged on the road to freedom. I haven't read anything quite like it, and the nature of the dystopia presented is far too close to home. This is a must-read. I am eagerly hoping and waiting for another book in this story.