Rating Songs From Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' Album In Order
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Rating Songs From Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' Album In Order

This might've been the hardest thing I've ever had to do.

Rating Songs From Frank Ocean's 'Blonde' Album In Order

Rating music from Frank Ocean's album, 'Blonde.'

1. "Self Control"

This is probably in the top three of my favorite Frank Ocean songs. I tend to fall really easily for people so the idea of wishing a relationship worked out is not an unfamiliar feeling. I love the vocals in the song as well. He really made the song feel more vulnerable by not going too heavy in production, but by really showcasing his voice and the lyrics. The composition of the song is also just insane.

2. "Godspeed"

I love how he can have amazing vocals, add some of the best production, and put some of the most intricate lyrics on top. Frank really doesn't lack in any aspect of music (except for releasing music in a timely manner, but I guess I'll let it slide). Godspeed has such a beautiful composition and the most real lyrics.

3. "Nikes"

I love how in "Nikes" Frank had an altered voice in the majority of the song to add to the uniqueness of it. His lyrics are so deep and extremely real to the times we live in, despite being an almost 5-year-old song. This song touches on so many issues in the world including the lack of love in relationships and police brutality. The song also changes moods with the vocal change and that's one of my favorite reoccurring production themes of his.

4. "Ivy"

"Ivy" is just an outright beautiful song. The delicacy and vulnerability within the song make it so relatable and that's something Frank does so well. He tells the story of a relationship that ended with two broken hearts. It is such an honest representation of how relationships are and how there can still be love for a person after the relationship ends.

5. "Nights"

This is a more light-hearted songs in the sense that it's more upbeat. The transition and beat change combo towards the end is an experience that hasn't been recreated by any other song I've heard. He completely switches the mood and switches to a new song within the same track. This is a song that you don't necessarily get the urge to cry to, which is refreshing. It's more of a chill song that you can vibe to.

6. "White Ferrari"

This track hits hard. That first relationship, or situationship, you have can be so beautiful. that first initial feeling of lust is magical and can make you feel like you're floating. The fatal crash after all if it end is a pain that is unimaginable. You feel like you'll never feel right again. In this song, Frank talks about his first love in a fond way. Reminiscing on what was, and what could've been, is difficult, but he makes it sound beautiful.

7. "Good Guy"

Hookup culture is tough. In "Good Guy" Frank reflects on a night that he thought would lead to more. The feeling of not being on the same page as a person is so hard. This short song goes into how he was starting to invest feelings into this person, but the person looked at their relationship as a fling.

8. "Pink + White"

The vibe of this song is sooo good. It's chill and flows so nicely. The thing that is so cool about frank's music is that you don't have to necessarily be sad or going through what the song is talking about in order to enjoy it. I feel like certain songs that are vulnerable I only want to listen to when I am feeling what the song is about. I really like the layers of the production in this song. It has so many different aspects and that makes it really interesting.

9. "Solo"

In this track, Frank tells a story of being solo, then finding someone that makes him not want to be solo anymore. Then it goes into the breakup. One of the many things frank is so good at is lyricism. He uses "solo" and morphs it into sounding more like the words "so low" after he breaks up with this person. He then just emphasizes how lonely being solo can be.

10. "Skyline to"

Frank reminisces on a past love and how beautifully messy it was in this track. He uses a form of lyric delivery that makes the song sound less complex than it actually is. His lyric decisions in this song use a lot of wordplay, deeper meanings, and associations to get the image of the relationship across.

11. "Be Yourself"

I think the small Snippets of audio between the songs on this album are so cool. I think by him adding this particular audio in is kinda relatable in the way that most have us have been told these things by an authority figure, but most of the time we don't really listen to it. I think that people, especially younger people, have to learn by living so this advice isn't taken very seriously.

12. "Facebook Story"

If you skip this track you're fake. That's it. This poor guy got dumped for no reason, have a heart.

13. "Future Free"

I love the slightly altered vocals throughout the track. This has more of a rap flow compared to the other songs on the album. The production is again, flawless and just all-around beautiful. Frank steps back from the relationship issues and dives into the issues surrounded by stardom. This track also switches into snippets of audio clips that sound like they were recorded on a tape recorder and like a child is talking. I think that reflects on the loss of innocence Frank feels he's lost since he's gained fame and seen the industry.

14. "Seigfried"

This is just a really laid back song about feeling like an outsider. So pretty relatable.

15. "Close To You"

The beat of this song is so dope. I like just chillin to this song. It's an easy listener that doesn't require a lot of effort.

16. "Pretty Sweet"

The background harmonies are so cool. I really love how the main vocals that start out aren't necessarily "perfect". This is a chaotic song but in a soothing way, if that makes any sense.

17. "Solo (Reprise)"

He again uses the same theme from "Solo" but makes it more a chaotic rap vibe.

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