21 Things I'd Rather Do Than Attend The White Supremacy Rally In Charlottesville, VA
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21 Things I'd Rather Do Than Attend The White Supremacy Rally In Charlottesville, VA

Kissing a tarantula sounds better.

21 Things I'd Rather Do Than Attend The White Supremacy Rally In Charlottesville, VA

If you thought racism was dead and the end of World War II was the end of Nazis, think again.

In the past years, white supremacists and Neo-Nazis have started coming out of their shells, and I think most of the world agrees they need to get back in them.

These people have been wreaking havoc and are unapologetic of their racist views and far-right beliefs. Many people refuse to see a problem with them, but the truth is, they're a menace and only further this country from peace.

On August 12, 2017, Neo-Nazis are taking to the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia for a rally. Why? Only God knows. All I know is this: I don't want to be there. In case you were wondering, here are 21 things you could do instead of going to Charlottesville:

1. Get a fidget spinner shaved into my hair.

2. Walk on hot coals for 30 minutes.

It sounds so much more appealing to put my bare feet onto fire for a half hour than to hang out with modern day Nazis.

3. Drink very expired milk.

4. Trade my smart phone for a flip phone.

I didn't get a smart phone until I was 20, but I would gladly give it up.

5. Eat a pound of raw ground beef.

6. Replace all the food in my pantry with unflavored rice cakes for the next month.

If that's all I could eat at home, it wouldn't be so bad compared to the other choice.

7. Only listen to Kidz Bop covers of my favorite songs.

8. Actually get every tattoo middle school me wanted.

I never wanted stars, but I had some cringy ideas.

9. Take a shot of mayonnaise with every meal.

10. Change my ringtone to "Friday" by Rebecca Black.

This song was one of the worst trends to come about, but it's not as bad as being a part of a new-age Hitler group.

11. Walk a tightrope over the Grand Canyon.

12. Get pet cockroaches.

I am so sorry I included a picture for this one, but maybe everyone will understand the lengths I'm willing to go.

13. Eat a frozen TV dinner at Thanksgiving while everyone eats real food.

14. Not pet a dog I meet in public.

I hope this makes up for the roach picture, but it also shows how far I will go because that's one cute dog.

15. Never eat Girl Scout cookies ever again.

16. Replace all the decorations in my bedroom with cardboard cut-outs of Guy Fieri.

Imagine 20 pairs of those eyes watching you as you sleep.

17. Own a crotch-rocket motorcycle with bad airbrush art on it.

18. Go noodling.

I would much rather stick my arm in a dark, muddy hole to search for fish.

19. Only drink soda that's flat and slightly warm.

20. Never again eat breadsticks when I go to Olive Garden.

Please understand how serious I am about this. Do you completely understand?

21. Swim with sharks.

How far would you go to avoid the rally?
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