7 Benefits To Having A Rant Journal

For those of you who get upset, there are often times nothing that helps or simply don't know what to do when you're upset I have one solution that may help. For me, I began a rant journal as I call it. Basically whenever anything upsets me, or I'm having a breakdown I go to this journal and just write about anything that's bothering me. It allows me to get my emotions out without having a screaming match with someone else.

1. It always listens

Having something there that just lets you get everything out sometimes helps you clear your mind. Once it's out you tend to feel a lot better and become more rational.

2. No one gets hurt

When you're angry you tend to say things that you may not mean but tend to be extremely hurtful. I personally have been both the giver and receiver of many comments that do damage. A rant journal is private and meant to be things you just need to get off your chest in that very moment. Most times when you go back you don't even remember why you could be that angry.

3. Creative outlet

A rant journal can be more than just a journal. Sometimes doodling and coloring can be calming too. When it's stressful I doodle in it to help relax. No one is ever going to see the awful doodles that I make and it's calming. Sometimes you just got to be creative.

4. Being able to look back

Being able to look back on some of the times that were really hard is actually sort of relieving. It's the proof that things get better. I literally cringe at some of the things I complained about, but seeing where I am now gives me the courage to keep going.

5. More than just rants

Don't just write rants, sometimes when things get really exciting or even your just super pumped about something and you have to tell someone right away. It's awesome for writing those amazing moments too. Again those are fun to look back at and be excited about all over again.

6. You get to see what causes you stress

Writing what's freaking you out allows you to go back and see the trend in what's causing you distress. This can be beneficial in figuring out a plan of action whether it be avoiding the thing that causes stress or figuring out coping skills.

7. Testing out new pens

Let's face it when you get that pen that writes so beautifully and smoothly. I literally sometimes just write the random parts of my days just so I could write with my pen.

8. Achieving goals

Writing things down has been proven to help you achieve your goals. It's almost like your solidifying things so it's no longer this thought in your head but something you can see.

9. Higher intelligence 

Believe it or not writing everyday helps you to become a better writer as well as become more intelligent.

10. Improve memory

Your teachers weren't lying when they said that writing things down helps you remember better. WRITE IT DOWN!!!!

There are literally so many benefits to having a rant journal that you never even knew. Try it for a while and see the difference for yourself, it's a great way to learn more about yourself.

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