Ranking The Friday The 13th Movie Series

Ranking The Friday The 13th Movie Series

Who wants to go camping after reading this?

Since we are blessed with a Friday the 13th in October, why not have a theme that will perfectly match it? Why not do a ranking of the Friday the 13th movie series?

Being the big horror movie fan I am, I will admit that this is probably my favorite series out of the core three. If you are wondering who I am speaking of, it would be Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween franchises.

With that being said, I don't think Mr. Voorhees needs an introduction. This list is piled from my opinion on the movies and in no form of an official list, we'll care to agree and disagree. Now I'm ranking these from my least favorite to the best I believe that make the franchise what it is.

12) Jason goes to Hell: The Final Friday

First on this list is what I believe to be the strangest movie in this series...I really don't even know where to start. It deals with this whole family situation to our beloved Jason Voorhees body hopping. Yes, body hopping. It is a very weird movie but it mostly because the director had just graduated film school and had no experience. Besides all the weirdness that happens, the movie sis very all over the place and has not a whole lot to tie up the series. Give it a shot if you want but this is one that I completely steer clear of.

11) Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

How could I rank part 9 before part 8? Right this movie is a complete mess from beginning to end. A group of high school students aboard a ship that is taking them to Manhattan,what else do they need? Jason, that's who. Maybe he wanted to sight see, grab some pizza and check out the statue of liberty. He doesn't spend that much time in New York and apparently dies from toxic waste. Right...

10) Jason X

Once more, I'm ranking a movie that everyone seems to hate higher than what it should be. What is the theme of this movie? Jason in space, definitely different than Camp Crystal Lake that's for sure. I have a soft spot for this because I used to watch it often when I was younger as tacky as this movie is. The CGI is weird (Hey, it's an old movie), the names are hard to pronounce and the plot is way off base.

9) Friday the 13th Part II

This should probably be lower on this list but I'm not that fond of this movie. My reason is nonexistent because I really don't know why I don't like it. I feel that they had just tried to copy almost the same formula as the first with a new setting, different characters and kills. I can't like any of the characters either as they are very flat to me. I will admit that this movie shows one of the best deaths in the series with poor Mark in his wheelchair.

8) Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood

Part 7 brought a new twist to the series and is sometimes branded Jason meets Carrie. The main character Tina is telekinetic and gives a pretty good battle against him. The story line of her Father makes not any complete sense but if you ignore it you have a solid movie. The character are pretty stupid for the most part but it gives him an interesting match against her.

7) Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Okay, so I'm ranking this higher because I have a complete soft spot for this movie. Sure, they tried something different and it failed but it really isn't all that bad. The idea of a new Jason was a out of the blue concept but I mean, it is the fifth movie. The character Violet I have such a soft spot for that I actually did my hair like hers before (Look her up, I really had it). It also brings back Tommy for the second time who will pop up two more times on this list.

6) Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Speaking of Tommy, this is the third and last film he appears in. This time the town has tried to distance itself from the Camp Crystal Lake idea and renamed it all. The kills are more brutal to a degree and their is a little campy tone to it all. I find it fun that they poked fun of it and the characters knew the history of the place. Would you go apply for a counselor despite the history? Yeah, count me out.

5) Friday the 13th remake (2009)

I know many people hate the remake but I feel it isn't as bad as everyone thinks. They actually somehow made a combination of all four movies (Obviously the first four) and it made sense. Jason in this movie is very terrifying as he now runs and let's face it, the guy is big and him running at full speed with an axe is not something I want to see while camping.

4) Friday the 13th Part III

Part 3 jumped on the bandwagon to make a 3-D movie and I will admit that it is pretty funny looking. The acting is very low (Watch the part with the brunette in the blue sweats, you'll have way too much fun laughing) but I feel it steps up a lot for the series. We can't also forget that he gets his hockey mask in this one and when he takes it off at the end...Oh, did I mention that he runs again as well?

3) Freddy Vs Jason

A combination that everyone was waiting to see for a few years. I remember being in third grade and my Mom picking me up from school. She hid the movie under a blanket in the car and when she picked me up I was so excited that I got it (As you can tell I was not into Disney). Anyway, this movie is a perfect mix of each franchise and I enjoy it every time.

2) Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter

I had a hard time trying to figure out if this should go in first or second place. I've always loved this one so much that I probably could never get sick of it. This is literally about a bunch of kids that rent a house and get murdered, such fun! This is the introduction of Tommy and his revenge seeking self. I feel that this one should be tied with the first because of how the movie is just good from the beginning to end.

1) Friday the 13th (1980)

Obviously the original would be first right? No, it isn't because it is the very first movie. The biggest point I love is how you are forced to guess who the killer is because Jason is not introduced as the villain just yet. The innocence is so prefect that you don't want any of the characters to get killed. The scenery also adds to the element of surprise as the killer is lurking throughout the camp.

Cover Image Credit: www.youtube.com

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