For the record, I am not annoyed or mad when people ask these questions or make these statements. In fact, I am glad. I am glad because people are interested and care enough to ask. But, hearing these statements every year when Ramadan rolls around gets tiring.

1. Not even water?

This is my favorite question. I find it so funny. During Ramadan, Muslims abstain from drinking, eating and sexual activity for a whole month. So yes, not even water.

2. Why can't you sneak food? It's not like anyone will know, right?

Sneaking food would defeat the whole purpose of fasting. And I'll know and so will God.

3. Aren't you hungry?

UMMM. Imagine not eating for like fifteen hours. How would you feel? There you go, you answered your own question. Even if I am hungry, it does not matter because I cannot eat.

4. Why can't you fast if you have your period? Isn't it sexist?

I have actually heard this multiple times. Muslims are excused from fasting if they are sick, elderly, children, or if they are menstruating.

5. Is it okay if I eat in front of you?

YES! Someone else fasting should not inhibit you from eating whatever you want. Part of fasting is building discipline and controlling the urge to eat.

6. Aren't you doing this to lose weight?

Um, no. Losing weight can be an unintended consequence of fasting. But, so can gaining weight, due to the carb-heavy and oily foods consumed. I'm doing this because as a Muslim, I am obligated to and want to.