When it rains I can be the most productive person in the world and really get shit done, or the laziest couch potato ever. It really is mind blowing how much the weather can affect one's mood and outlook on life. On the days I have a million errands to run, a job to drive to, or a flight to catch, rain is the absolute worst.

There's nothing worse than running errands in the pouring rain and getting your freshly washed hair all messed up (I know the ladies reading this can relate). I also honestly cannot tell you the number of times my flight has been delayed or even canceled due to rain. If I'm not at home watching Netflix and wrapped in a cozy blanket with a pint of Halo Top in my hands, I hate the rain. The rain puts me in a gloomy mood and makes me not have the energy or desire to do absolutely anything.

The time I enjoy the rain is when I'm hitting the hay. I love the sound of rain when I'm going to sleep because of how calming and soothing it is. To me, the rain hits me like a lullaby hits a baby that's being rocked to sleep; it knocks me out and puts me right to sleep. My friend has a rain sound machine that she plays every night to put her mind and body at ease. The machine comes with the option to play a variety of rain sounds.

For example, her top two favorite options are rain dripping onto the leaves and rain droplets hitting against the window. When I was a child I used to hate thunderstorms, but now my best night's sleep is during a thunderstorm.

I think a lot of people have a love/hate relationship with the rain. As I'm sitting here typing this article, I know the rain is negatively affecting my mood today. I have work later this afternoon and a huge to-do list; it's a 100% chance of rain all day. Wish me luck and let's hope the rain goes away by tomorrow!