Your Rainy Day Survival Guide

Your Rainy Day Survival Guide

Fight that frizzy hair and face those rainy days with style

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My life motto has always been, "When it rains, get wet," but occasionally, it is nice to stay warm and dry when you are heading to class or work ---and it is always good to have options other than an oversized, monogramed sorority rain jacket! 

So, without further ado, here are your rainy day essentials:

1. Hairstyles

Side buns

Braided Messy Buns

Fishtail braids

Half-up hairstyles



2. Products

Granier Fructis Anti-Humidity Hairspray ($4.29)
I live and die by this stuff, not to mention it doubles as perfume!

Moroccan Oil Frizz Control ($33.60).
This will tame those crazy fly-aways.

Cricket Friction-Free Tourmaline Mini Flat Iron ($20).
Perfect for quick fixes!

3. Boots

L.L. Bean Boots ($139). These versatile boots are worth every penny and last a lifetime. Just be sure to order half a size down!

Hunter rain boots ($140). 
You can buy these classics in almost any color and any height! Perfect for showing off your personality or adding a pop of color to a neutral outfit.

4. Outerwear

The options are endless! Let your personality show with your raincoat. You can wear anything from bold, bright and trendy to neutral, light and sporty -- take your pick!


5. Bags

Long champ bags ($95-$125). Rain or shine, these bags work for any occasion and come in an array of sizes and colors.


North Face Borealis Backpack ($89). 
Water-resistant, durable, versatile and perfect for carrying those heavy books to and from school!

6. Umbrellas

How could anyone leave umbrellas out of a rainy day survival kit? These classics are a great way to stay dry from head to toe, and they are really fun to carry.


Now, go conquer that rain with style!

Oh Pinterest, where would be without your trendy, inspirational pictures?

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