"Water Lilies" is a poetry book written by Jacqueline Ann, a poet from Long Island, New York. In her poetry book, she covers many topics that many people can relate to, like relationships, religion, heartbreak, etc. It's such an authentic raw, and real way to look at life. Her goal for this book is for young men and women to read and understand the important messages behind each poem that she's is trying to convey.

Jacqueline's way with words and putting them together to make beautiful sentences is truly amazing and she is a true talent that everyone should know about. Her book can be compared to Rupi Kaur's poetry and I forsee Jacqueline's career gaining traction by her honesty, talent, and realness. If you're looking for your next poetry book to be obsessed with, click here.

Trust me, you will be hooked and you will find yourself in a puddle of your feelings, reading these 13 quotes.

1. "I just hope you find someone that happily takes their shoes off when they walk into your life"

This is a goal I think that we all want when it comes to relationships.

2. "Even the ocean was jealous of his eyes"

What a way to describe the color of someone's eyes.

3. "It became astronomically known that the universe had found harmony"

I personally love this line, it's so beautiful.

4. "He chose her — how fish chose to breathe in the sea"

We all have a choice in life, to breathe or to not breathe. We choose to breathe because it's just how we live. This person chose her because it's how he wanted to live.

5. "And trusting that what is true to come home will always come home"

This is very important. If it isn't true, it isn't meant for us.

6. "I felt I hadn't met myself either, until I met you"

This person must've felt like home and made them feel really peaceful and comfortable.

7. "And if we're being honest, I never saw you coming"

Isn't that the best feeling?

8. "You deserve to be loved more"

I think we need to tell ourselves this every day.

9. "And yet, how beautiful is it for two human beings to find quiet and still feel tied?"

To be quiet and still have a connection and not feel uncomfortable is beautiful.

10. "And it would be him to offer her the unsellable"

Find someone who shows you things you've never seen before.

11. "For when I dream of you, I dream not selfishly"

They are your heart and soul.

12. "You are my peace, not my escape"

Find someone who brings you peace, not someone who allows you to escape reality.

13. "And like a great novel, I would have read you for years"

You never stop getting to know someone. Each person is like a book of their own.