50 Quotes About College Life
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Student Life

50 Quotes About College Made By Students Around America

God Bless America, and college!

quotes about college

My time at West Chester University has been simply amazing so far, but I wanted to hear about diverse experiences from other college students from different schools that I know all around the U.S.A.! It truly is stunning how much people learn and grow throughout these four (or maybe a few more) years. This compilation of quotes about college definitely describes the experience well.

1. "College is the only way I want to live my life." -Pat, West Chester University

2. "Looking at all of the syllabi is..." -Jack, Flagler College

3. "Put time in for schoolwork during the week so that you have free time on the weekends!" -Brinley, Elizabethtown College

4. "Each semester is a new opportunity to learn and grow. It's so important to take advantage of that." -Ashley, West Chester University

5. "College is harder than high school." -Gustavo, University of Tennessee

6. "They tell you high school flies, but college goes by even faster. It's the best four years of your life, but also the quickest four years of your life." -Sarah, University of South Carolina

7. "LET'S GO MOUNTAINEERS!!" -Mason, West Virginia University

8. "It might take a semester or three to find your people." -Foster, West Chester University

9. "Eat more meat and you will get good grades." -Dizzy, Elizabethtown College

10. "Studying among a diverse and talented group of peers is a huge privilege." -Christopher, East Stroudsburg University

11. "Hey, think that squirrel over there can do my Statistic homework?" -Jack, West Chester University

12. "Just believe in yourself and it will turn out better than giving up." -Mike, Ramapo College

13. "Studying can be a challenging thing if you are not in the right place." -Jonathon, East Stroudsburg University

14. "I'm convinced there is no such thing as a fully functional printer." -Annie, West Chester University

15. "College has helped me discover who I am and has helped me finally gain some confidence in myself!" -Ashlynn, Massachusetts College of Art and Design

16. "College is better with you, Maddy." -Kaylee, West Chester University

17. "You don't need to go to college right after high school. Gap years are incredibly beneficial and should be thought of as such." -Justin, Brookdale Community College

18. "When's the next break?" -Mia, West Chester University

19. "College is the best and enjoyable time of my life filled with entertainment but also a time faced with crucial decisions that greatly affect the future at every turn." -Chase, University of Florida

20. "I need Chick-fil-A." -Brandon, West Chester University

21. "College is a place where you find yourself and discover your true passions"-Anonymous, Penn State University

22. "Grind now, shine later." -Stefen, West Chester University

23. "College has shaped me into the person I am today. The friends I've made through my time here have become my second family." -Daley, University of Georgia

24. "College has taught me to balance my time and prioritize. It has also brought me great friends and experiences so far." -Maura, Montclair State University

25. "You don't know how much you are going to miss it until you have to work and be an adult every day." -Michael, West Chester University Alumni

26. "Go to class." -Emily, University of Colorado Boulder

27. "Studying is what you make it, and I seem to make it a balancing act." -Josh, West Chester University

28. "College is like karma for being rude to your parents as a teenager because you call them every five minutes to talk about nothing and now they send you to voicemail." -Taylor, Penn State University

29. "Take naps." -Isabella, University of Colorado Boulder

30. "Can I use RamBucks to pay my parking ticket?" -Jack, West Chester University

31. "College is tough, but I wouldn't want to battle a fight with anything other than what gave me lifetime memories." -Kathryn, Florida State University

32. "Going to college has taught me that things don't always work out the way you planned them. You will find happiness." -Riley, Montclair State University

33. "My future is in my own hands, I just have to go get it." -Owen, Ithaca College

34. "College has pushed me out of my comfort zone and has allowed me to be my true self." -Jared, Christopher Newport University

35. "College has turned into another happy place." -Greg, Eastern University

36. "I wish my school would listen to what the people want and change the Starbucks on campus into a Dunkin' Donuts. No one likes Starbucks!" -Sara, Loyola University Maryland

37. "College is the place to be completely yourself and find the kind of people you want to surround yourself with." -Brianna, The College of New Jersey

38. "Penn State is most definitely a cult, but in the best possible way." -Emily, Penn State University

39. "College is really fun being out on your own, but challenging at the same time." -Carter, Lebanon Valley College

40. "Nothing better than being surrounded by southern hospitality all the time and winning the Nationals." -Brian, Clemson University

41. "College has been a cultural learning experience for me." -Evan, Rutgers University

42. "College has been a series of ups and downs (mostly ups, thankfully), finding myself and my friend group (which is always tough), but, all in all, could not imagine myself going anywhere else!" -Savannah, Furman University

43. "College so far has been an amazing experience. Whether I'm on the lacrosse field or in a classroom, I'm always happy to be here." -Ryan, Stockton University

44. "College is bad for your health. No sleep, terrible dining hall food, the list continues..." -Ben, Ohio State University

45. "College is fun whether I am on the football field, in class, or with friends." -Tommy, Salisbury University

46. "Best months of my life." -Michael, Brookdale Community College

47. "College has turned into a second home. I love being independent, learning, meeting people, and having fun with friends." -Tom, Florida State University

48. "College is the most exciting thing ever with the best opportunities." -Anonymous, West Chester University

49. "My advice to you is to have lots of fun." -Peter, Rutgers University

50. "Enjoy it while you can because it goes by quickly." -Jess, Elizabethtown College

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