Quitting Is Okay

College students are pressured to sign up for anything and everything. At the beginning of the semester, freshmen are encouraged to attend a college fair where people basically just scream at you to join their club/organization. It is overwhelming, to say the least. But most students sign up anyways, for way too many clubs/organizations, because they want to be involved. We, as college students, are trained to be involved citizens of our collegiate community, whatever that means. What they don't tell you, though, is that your happiness is more important.

It's okay to quit things. Yeah, there is a stigma around the word "quitter" but this stigma does not consider the mental well-being of people, which is more important than what other people think. It's great to be involved. It's also great not to be as involved as everyone else. It may seem like others can handle being in 7 clubs and 15 credits, but it's simply not possible for many and that is okay too.

"Spreading yourself too thin" is real, and happens to a lot of freshman in college who come into the university expecting to be the stellar student. The stellar student nowadays is involved in 7 clubs and 15 credits according to many others' opinions, whether these people be parents, peers, advisors, or job recruiters. But what is life if you are constantly looking towards the next dreaded club meeting or mandatory event? You simply don't have to go. Yes, it is that simple. Happiness should be put before society's view of the stellar student, always.

This is no secret, it is simply just a misconception among many busy, overwhelmed, and drained college students. Life is supposed to be made up of passion, living in the moment, and yes, sometimes things you wish you didn't have to do. But life should not be only about things you are doing to please others or to do what you think will boost others' opinions. So it's okay to quit things if you are quitting them for the right reason. Put your happiness before that mandatory club meeting for a change, and go live your life how you want to- not how others tell you-you should.

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