First things first, I'd like to highlight the fact that I gave up coffee at the worst possible time for any college student: the week before final exams. I am here to tell you, to your surprise, I survived plenty of late nights and early mornings of studying and all my finals without a single drop of coffee.

Honestly, I really can't believe it, either, but it proved to me how much coffee is a mental crutch for me.

1. Days 1-3.

This is all you need to know about the first few days as your coffee withdraw kicks off. I tried to really focus on upping my water intake, but clearly, water has no caffeine and that's all my body wanted during this time. The first few days summed up in two words: horrendous headaches.

2. Days 4-7.

This is when I realized how much I relied on coffee. It's kind of embarrassing going from 20-24 ounces a day thinking I could go to zero ounces no problem. It was hard waking up, going downstairs, reaching for a mug, and pouring hot water and lemon in it while smelling the beautiful aroma of coffee beans roasting.

As I approached the end of the first week, I began to start reaching for healthy snacks to give me energy instead of being so upset that I couldn't just give into having coffee. But I'm such a sucker for thinking that I need caffeine for energy and focus when, in reality, I just need a good meal or healthy snack to give my brain some power.

3. Days 8-11.

I was surviving. The headaches were slowly fading away, and the cravings got less and less. But I missed my morning cup of coffee and afternoon pick-me-up more than I thought I would. These days lined up over the weekend when I was cramming hard for the next few days of finals.

I had work all weekend, which is when I really rely on coffee the most. I didn't give into temptation. Studying without coffee just seems like a disgrace.

4. Days 12-14 - I don't need you, but I want you. 

I've come to the conclusion that I no longer need coffee, but that doesn't mean I don't love it.

So, at the end of day 14, I do want a cup of coffee, but maybe I'll start by drinking decaf. I have noticed a significant decrease in my anxiousness and compulsive thoughts around coffee. My quality of sleep was so much better.

I don't recommend quitting coffee during one of the most stressful weeks of college, but I do recommend it to anyone who wants to take a little break from caffeine.