I am sure many of you all have been playing "Pokemon GO" nonstop like myself since its release, and here I will be sharing with you all some of the things I have learned about the game in general and our area specifically.

1. Be careful around Pokestops at night and day

During the day these stops can be pretty busy and you have to be careful to not be too distracted when Pokemon hunting. On the flipside, at night these places will most likely be completely deserted, but you still need to be careful out there. Shady characters come out at night and I've already encountered drunk people and some shady looking "merchandise" deals in deserted parking lots.

2. Use a car or find a friend with one

Unfortunately, to play this game pretty seriously, walking is not really an option. The pokestops are placed too far apart, most of Danville is not really made for foot traffic and the parts that are might not be the safest place to be zoned out on an expensive smartphone. Riding around Danville after most of the shops close can reap massive rewards with the added mobility afforded to no one being there.

3. Driving around in a car CAN still count on your egg timers

This is a tricky one. The egg timers are pretty finicky and can be pretty glitchy, but if your model is moving at about 10 mph or lower it should be counting towards your egg timers most of the time, even if you are riding in a car. Find an excuse to tag along with your grandparents on their Sunday drive for this one.

4. Parking lots are the best hunting grounds

My favorite are the Coleman marketplace parking lots and the Riverside drive parking lots. I've run across a couple starters, Horsea, Staryu, and even a 600 cp Golbat, a Persian, and a Sandshrew, among other rare finds. Make these places a part of your circuit.

5. The Danville Mall is a great place to find and set up lure modules

So the Danville mall is one of the few places in Danville where you can actually sit inside in the AC and be between two pokestops at the same time. I've been there a couple times already and it has been pretty fruitful catching thanks to some helpful trainers dropping lure modules on it. Its close proximity to a gym also makes it a prime place to set up shop for a while. Lots of players congregate here and you can meet other players or just set up a nice circuit here to get some walking in, catch some Pokemon, fight at the gym and do some shopping or get some food.

6. Some pokestops are not so great to go to at night but are fine during the day

Some pokestops are right next to peoples' houses and they are not going to appreciate you pulling up at 1 a.m. with your music blasting. They might even get themselves removed from the game if they figure out why. Be courteous to other peoples' property and if they ask you to leave, just do it. You might actually be trespassing and jail is not worth that Pidgey.

7. Evolve Smart

If you're trying to get a Pokemon that has three tiers of evolution, never evolve it until you have enough candy to evolve it to its final tier. A Pokemon's max CP is based on your current trainer level so if you evolve your Squirtle into Wartortle at level 7, but don't get enough candy to get a Blastoise till level 20, then you very well might have caught a Squirtle with higher CP than your Wartortle in the meantime.

8. Use your lucky eggs effectively

Save up your evolutions. Don't just evolve the second you can. Wait till you have several different Pokemon you can evolve and then pop a lucky egg and get 2000 xp a Pokemon instead of the usual 1000 xp. You can also use this before a bunch of eggs are going to hatch or when setting up near a lure or using an incense. Catching a new Pokemon for your pokedex also grants you at least 1200 xp, so using an egg when visiting a new state or region might be worth it.

9. There is a battery saver function

In your in-game settings there is a battery saver mode that is checked off. Turn it on and whenever you put your phone down the screen will go black but the game is still running and saving some of your battery.

10. Turn off AR

Being able to catch a Pidgey inside a pet store might make for an ironic Instagram picture but the AR makes catching Pokemon harder and drains more of your battery.

11. Charge your phone or bring a car charger. Or both

This game sucks your battery faster than you can name all 721 Pokemon.

12. Use your power attack when battling

When battling, take a second out of your frantic tapping and once the blue meter in the top left is full, press and hold to unleash your power attack for massive damage.

13. Join Team Mystic


DO NOT BE AN IDIOT! DO NOT STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD OR TRY AND PLAY WHILE MOVING! If it is really that important that you catch it right then and there, then you should calmly pull over into the nearest parking lot, and if the Pokemon is in the middle of a busy intersection, too bad. No Pokemon is worth hurting yourself or others.