5 Questions That Need To Be Answered About ‘The Bachelor’
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5 Questions That REALLY Need To Be Answered About ‘The Bachelor’ Franchise

What is ABC really keeping under wraps?


Unless you live under a rock, you are probably aware of the existence of the reality TV hit, The Bachelor. Each year, there is a rotation that goes on in which one year, there is a bachelor and the next a bachelorette. After what we can assume is a lengthy process, several candidates make their way to the Bachelor Mansion to allegedly, "find love." Can you actually fall in love on a television show? How authentic can your feelings be when you are on camera? There are so many questions we have, and these are just the beginning.

Do people get paid to act crazy?

I know those of you that engage in this crazy show have to wonder if there is a reason some of these girls behave the way that they do? Are they being paid or offered something in exchange for publicly humiliating themselves on national television? Surely, right?

Do they really make people get STD tested as a part of the application?

According to several different inside sources, the potential contestants have to go through an extensive application process, including background and even STD testing.

Who plans the grand entries?

We all know the contestants might not be the most stable minded individuals, but does it seem realistic that all of them would go to such desperate lengths to stand out? I certainly would hope not.

Do people really think finding love on reality television is worth leaving a job for?

Pigs must be flying, because several Bachelor contestants have given up their spot in the workplace to come on the show and give love a shot.

What is the Bachelor mansion all about?

If you're a hardcore fan, you have done the research. You know.

The Bachelor mansion is actually someone's personal family home, but it is used twice a year to film the show. Hence, many contestants complain about lack of any sort of gym facility and go the extra mile (no pun intended) to get their workout in while filming.

Overall, rumors are rumors. You pick and choose what you wish to see as the truth when it comes to reality television- making it all the more fun! Stay tuned to see if Colton (Bachelor 2019) finds love or ends up in Paradise!

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