8 Questions To Expect When Going Home For Christmas

Now don't get me wrong going home is a wonderful concept during the holidays. Family and friends finally gather and reunite after so long. Also who does not love having break of school for a while? Don't get too excited though because after being away for so long there are always those curious family members and friends bound to know what it's like in college. Brace yourself when you go home for the holidays and can't avoid these questions and comments.

1. How's college?

The most basic question anyone can come up and ask you. But no worries, who says you have to give a long complicated answer describing the amount of all nighter you pulled through this semester or how your body only functions through caffeine? A simply reply like "Oh it's been good" does the trick.

2. What are you majoring in again?

Everyone seems to know what university you attend but somehow they can't remember what major you are studying. Let's hope you really love your major and get used to repeating it when anyone asks about it.

3. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?

For some reason, family members and friends are always so nosy about relationship status. Prepare yourself because there is no escaping this question.

4. "Wow you got skinner/Wow looks like you gained some weight"

Now this is not a question but it is fair to say that someone will point out how you look. Got to love family even if they are really judgement.

5. How are your grades?

Of course someone has to mention more about school but since it's break that is the last thing you want to think about.

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