Questions To Consider When Choosing College Classes
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Questions To Consider When Choosing College Classes

Choosing classes can become stressful, but it doesn't have to be like that.

Questions To Consider When Choosing College Classes

It might sound corny, but choosing your classes is a rite of passage for college students. These are some questions and tips to consider to ensure you make a schedule that you're satisfied with and have no complaints about whatsoever. Use this article as a guide for the following semester and the ones after. Good luck, everyone!

1. Are you a morning or nighttime person?

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Personally, I do not identify as a morning person, and I love to sleep in whenever I can. However, I would rather get my classes out of the way, so I have the rest of the day to do other things such as studying, eating, catching up with friends (virtually and socially distanced), and so much more. To find a middle ground, I would recommend choosing courses that aren't too early. Any time after 10 am is ideal, and I never select anything that starts after 5 pm.

2. How do others feel about your professors?

Rate My Professors is a great website where students can see what they're potentially signing up for when registering for classes. I have used Rate My Professor so many times, and it is extremely helpful. I love reading the reviews people leave about classes and the professors that teach them. Another tip is to reach out to upperclassman and see if they've taken any courses you're interested in because first-hand experiences are almost always beneficial.

3. Can you handle back-to-back classes?

Everyone has different preferences, but I suggest making sure you have a break in-between your classes. You deserve to take some time for yourself, whether it's eating or scrolling through TikTok. Taking breaks also diminishes the likelihood of burnout. Burnout is an overwhelming state of exhaustion mainly caused by stress. If you're also juggling school with a job, consider when you have to go to work when making your schedule.

4. Have you thought about required classes?

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While you have more control over the types of classes you take in college, you're not entirely off the hook. For example, the Core Requirement at Hunter College expects students to take courses split into four categories (CUNY Common Core, Hunter Focus, Writing Intensive, and Pluralism and Diversity), regardless of their major. Most colleges have prerequisites that you have to take before you enroll in another course. After you get those out of the way, now you can explore a variety of options!

5. Do you prefer longer or shorter classes?


The beauty of college is that you have more control over the types of classes you take. But, what about the length of classes? Many colleges offer courses that you can take multiple times or only once throughout the week. Of course, the catch is classes that aren't spread out tend to be significantly longer than those that are. I prefer shorter classes because it's easier to retain information and you're less likely to get bored, but longer ones usually come with a break, so don't be worried.

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