29 Questions For The Protester Who Punched Richard Spencer
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29 Questions I Have For The Protester Who Punched Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer

Things we all want to know.

29 Questions I Have For The Protester Who Punched Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer

Shortly after Donald Trump was inaugurated as president of the United States, alt-right leader and white supremacist Richard B. Spencer received a punch to the face as he answered questions about his pin featuring Pepe the Frog, a comic strip character co-opted by his ilk. It's unsure who this man is, as he made sure to cover most of his face before issuing the blow. Many of those who support Spencer and his quest to bring white supremacy mainstream have labeled the assailant a "criminal thug," while others praise the masked man for standing up against the hatred.

After watching the video, I have just a few questions for the masked man who dared to punch hate in the face.

1. What inspired your heroic punch?

2. Was it something you'd been planning?

3. Or was it just a spur of the moment decision?

4. Was it his questions of starting a black genocide that triggered your heroic punch?

5. Or the fact that he thinks “America belongs to white men"?

6. Did you know that it was being recorded by the camera men?

7. Would it have made a difference if it hadn't been?

8. Was his face as fragile as his ego?

9. Could you hear it crack as your fist met his face?

10. Do you wish you could've hit him harder?

11. Or are you satisfied that he believes he's suffered a concussion?

12. How did it feel to reenact Captain America in real life?

13. Is there going to be a sequel?

14. If so, which infamous alt-right piece of trash is your next target?

15. Or would you like your own comic series instead?

16. Did anyone even dare to try and stop you?

17. If anyone had, would you have punched them in the face too?

18. How many pats on the back did you get afterward?

19. What's your Twitter handle, so I can follow my new hero?

20. Did you wash your hands after touching literal human garbage?

21. Is his filth contagious?

22. What do you think the thousands of white men who died fighting Nazi Germany would think of Spencer?

23. Do you think Hitler rolled over in his grave?

24. Or do you think he was just reincarnated into Spencer?

25. Can we be best friends?

26. Do you believe, as he said in his periscope after the punch, that he “won"?

27. When's your first meeting of the anti-alt-right resistance?

28. And can I come to it?

29. Where can I mail you a thank you card?

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