I Rewatched 'Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life' And Have Some Major Questions
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I Rewatched 'Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life' And Have Some Major Questions

WARNING: This post contains spoilers.

I Rewatched 'Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life' And Have Some Major Questions

I have always been a die-hard "Gilmore Girls" fan, watching and re-watching the show countless times. So, naturally, when "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" aired in 2016, I watched all four, 90-minute episodes in one sitting. It was quite the emotional roller coaster. Now, two years later, I re-watched the miniseries, scratching my head at times.

1. So, Logan is definitely the father of Rory's baby, right? 

We know Rory was not sleeping with Jess, otherwise, she wouldn't have been so giddy to show him the first few chapters of her book. AND we know it's not the man in the Wookie costume because their one-night stand happened in the "Spring" episode. There is no way Rory was about six months pregnant and not showing. There's no need to mention Paul because we already forgot about him. *Scratches head*

2. Amy Sherman-Palladino said Logan is Rory's Christopher. Does that mean Jess is her Luke? 


My #TeamJess fans were probably shaking in their boots when they saw Jess still had a thing for Rory during the miniseries. COULD THIS MEAN that Rory has her baby in Stars Hollow and Jess is...occasionally there to help her out? Hmmmm. I mean, we already know he's a great dad, hence the Jack Pearson gif.

3. Who sent Emily that very rude letter she mentioned in one of her therapy sessions? Clearly it wasn't Lorelai. 

4. Somehow we all missed the fact that Emily's new maid, Berta, and Gypsey were played by the same actress. Or was it just me? 

5. Where were the parents of the boys who waited on Lorelai and Rory hand-and-foot at the pool? 

6. We will be getting a real life version of "Gilmore Girls" the novel, right?

7. How can I get access to Stars Hollow's secret bar? 

Asking for a friend.

8. Honestly, what were producers thinking when "Stars Hollow: The Musical" took up an entire 40 minutes of an episode? 

9. Did the "Stars Hollow Gazette" really only function with one reporter? 

Not likely or realistic, but okay.

10. Rory can't afford to buy underwear, but she can afford to fly back in forth to London? 

Or maybe Logan pays for her airfare? Rory's travel throughout the series was very sporadic, random, and confusing. Sometimes I forgot that the episode was spanning an entire three months or so.

11. Where can I find my own Life and Death Brigade adventures? 

You know you want to be a part of it too.

12. Finally, where do I sign up for Emily's Nantucket whale tour? And can we be best friends? 


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