9 Question For Your From Your Anxious Sophomore College Sophmore
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Student Life

9 Questions For The Anxious College Sophmore

It's not just freshmen who don't know what to expect.

9 Questions For The Anxious College Sophmore

Last year, around this time I published my article "13 Questions From Your Anxious Incoming College Freshman", where I asked many of the questions I, and many of my friends who were also about to go to college for the first time, had about the logistical, social, and educational aspects of college. After a year, many of those questions were answered, but more arrived in their place.

I've gone through the first year, learn the basic ropes of college and how to live in a dorm, but that doesn't mean I've figured everything out. Not by a long shot. There are many things I'm still left wondering after the first year, and predictions and thoughts I have regarding my year to come.

Maybe not all of these fears or questions are completely reasonable, but they are still things that are on my mind and are possibly on yours too.

1. Should I have an internship by now?

Make A Wish Foundation internship

Everyone talks about how they are an essential part of college, so when is the best time to start looking out for them? Is that time now? I just want to be clear on exactly how unprepared I am right now.

2. Is it bad that I'm still doing Gen Eds? Should I be doing more classes in my major? Am I even sure about my major?

Back in school

In the first year, my new classes were mostly decided for me and others were obvious choices for the beginning of my college career. Now that I'm in my second year, more choices are up to me. And it's getting closer to the time when I have to declare my major for sure, so I have to be set in what I want to do (most colleges, including mine, require students to officially declare their major by the end of their second year).

3. What if I'm unable to get to my next class in time?

excuse me, I'm late to class

My classes are somewhat far apart geographically. I should probably invest in some quality running shoes at this point.

4. How am I supposed to pay for all this new dorm stuff?

modern dorm renovation

The size of my bed changed, so there go the sheets, topper, protector, and comforter I was using. And there are all new RAs to meet and building procedures to learn.

5. Is it weird that I'm even still living in a dorm?

I feel like so many other other students my age and my friends from other schools are getting apartments and sharing houses and signing leases at this point.

6. Should I have been more productive during my summer?

rocky beach

I just always feel like there's more to be doing.

7. Is it bad that I still don't know how to do my taxes? 

studying stress

It's not necessarily just doing the taxes. I just feel like I'm closer to becoming an adult and still don't know how to do adult things, like taxes.

8. What is the best way to make new friends?

Making friends

I made some amazing ones the first year, but what if that was just pure luck and I'm stuck with nobody to talk to in my new classes?

9. What if I get saddled with a terrible teacher?


I got lucky last year, but I know others who were not so lucky and really struggled. What if that's me this year?

During my freshman year, I made some great friends, learned many interesting things, and made many fun memories (and some not-so-fun). Many of the fears I had going into college were assuaged, many of my questions were answered, and the anxieties I had turned out to be nothing to worry about. But of course, there's always more.

The important thing to remember is that no one has it all figured out, but we are all making it work and progressing through life anyway.

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