4 Queer Musicians You Need To Listen To Right Now

4 Queer Musicians You Need To Listen To Right Now

Music is an amazing thing, but music by queer people is even better.


Music is an amazing thing, but music by queer people is even better. If you're in the LGBTQ+ community and these four queer artists aren't on your radar, you need to open your ears and give them a listen.

1. LP


LP is at the top of the list when it comes to Queer musicians you need to know. The 37 year old Long Island native is sure to impress anyone with her vocals. LP is known for long notes that only she can hit with whistling as her backup. I've seen her live twice and will always empty my bank account to see her when she comes near me. As far as musicians go, LP does not get the recognition she deserves. You can check out her newest single, "Girls Go Wild", here. I promise, it'll be the best three minutes and forty-two seconds of your life.

2. Against Me! 


This punk rock band is sure to make anyone of any age feel super angsty and rebellious. From singing about a conflicted childhood in Florida to her life with "Transgender Dysphoria Blues", Laura Jane Grace's voice is sure to get anyone dancing. Laura Jane Grace started Against Me! before her transition, but is now kicking ass as the frontwoman of her band. While you're at it, be sure to check out her book "Tranny" where she talks about sex, drugs, alcohol, music, and her life as a transwoman.

3. Lauren Ruth Ward


Lauren's soft and alternative vocals go hand-in-hand with her wife, LP's, loud and ambitious voice. Though she is not as big of a name as she should be, Lauren is a voice that everyone needs to hear. You can check out her music video for "Make Love To Myself" where LP makes an appearance. Also, if you're ever lucky enough to attend one of LP's shows you might see Lauren there during one of her songs.

4. Christine and the Queens


If you're into French music, Christine and the Queens is a band you'll fall in love with. Frontperson, Héloïse Letissier, comes alive while performing. Letissier is known by their stagename, Christine or Chris, and you can tell the difference as soon as Chris hits the stage. They are known for dancing and liveliness on stage. They're song "iT" talks about "being a man now" and their masculinity. Checkout a live version of "iT" so you can experience all of the magic that happens when Chris performs.

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