The Top 10 Songs By Queer Hip Hop Artists You Need To Add To Your Playlist
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The Top 10 Songs By Queer Hip Hop Artists You Need To Add To Your Playlist

Queer hip hop artists are changing the game and these 10 songs are a must listen!

The Top 10 Songs By Queer Hip Hop Artists You Need To Add To Your Playlist

Queer hip hop (also known as "homo hop") is hardly a new phenomenon. LGBTQ+ hip hop artists have been around for a very long time. This particular subgenre was explored in the 2006 documentary , "Pick Up The Mic." It included the likes of Tori Fixx, QBoy, Katastrophe, and Johnny Dangerous.

For some, this might be hard to believe since hip hop has a reputation for being notoriously homophobic. However, the best way to combat such prejudice is to introduce queer rappers who are just as good at their craft as any straight rapper. Unfortunately, these artists remain mostly underground.

Lil Nas X is breaking down barriers in the mainstream hip hop world. It would be nice if other openly queer rappers achieve similar mainstream success going forward. Until then, these 10 songs are a good place to start. Stream them, add them to your playlist, and give these talented artists the attention they deserve.

Hopefully, we'll reach a point where one day this won't be considered a "subgenre," but rather, hip hop artists who just happen to be queer.

10. "Dog Whistle (Remix)" - Hi Yello, Estevan The God, Toño

Hip hop is very sexually explicit, so don't expect the majority of the songs on this list to be any different! Exploring the more kinky side of gay sex, this song was first released as a collaboration between Hi Yello and Estevan The God. This remix features a verse by Toño and it takes the track to another level.

9. "Nastii (Remix)" - Jayling feat. Noel Niks, Zaydahh, & T. Dolla

This track includes a powerhouse foursome with Jayling, Noel Niks, Zaydahh, and T. Dolla. The sexual nature of the lyrics speak for themselves. It gives queer men a chance to reclaim their sexual identities in the face of a genre that so often shames them for such behavior. The end result on this remix is very empowering.

8. "Stress 4 Checks" - Kvng David

This song is from Kvng David's latest album, "Fornication Under Consent of the Kvng." It begins with a clip from an interview with Eartha Kitt, where she speaks about relationships and compromise. The track itself is a breakup anthem, with the listener feeling compelled to let go of any past heartbreak.

7. "2 Hot 4 T.V." - Johnny Dangerous feat. Deborah Kelly

Johnny Dangerous' second album, "White Hot," was an underground classic. It was released in 2008 and included several singles such as "Dirty Is The New Black," "Curious," and "Hotline." This song, featuring Deborah Kelly, talks about the homophobia and censorship that Dangerous himself faced. It's a brilliant statement about how not only is the mainstream keeping queer rappers down, but their own community is as well.

6. "Woof!" - Tori Fixx

Tori Fixx was able to combine hip hop with dance music. This track is a perfect example of that. He also had a distinct voice and production style, which he used on many of Johnny Dangerous' records. Fixx appeared on a 2007 episode of "The Tyra Banks Show" with several other LGBTQ+ rappers to talk about their presence in hip hop.

5. "Houdini" - Langston John Blaze feat. Bambihanna

In this song, Langston John Blaze uses a clever sexual metaphor seemingly referencing Harry Houdini, the famous illusionist. This is one of those songs whose lyrics are pretty self-explanatory. The beat does a great job at capturing the dark, sexy, mysterious vibe of the track. Blaze also has other killer singles including "Daddy," "Hot Boy Summer," and "Best Sex Of My Life."

4. "Water" - Oseph Parks

Oseph Parks is a talented singer and rapper who masterfully blends R&B with hip hop. This track is from his album, "Bare," and stands out among the other songs on this list. There's a romance and sensuality to this song which is emphasized by its killer melody. Plus, the piano is absolutely incredible.

3. "Pressure" - Sevndeep

Sevndeep is an incredible artist and performer who recently appeared in the Out TV series, "Hot Haus." He also has incredible music videos for his songs "Break My Back" and "HIPS." This is a love song with the same attitude and personality expected of Sevndeep. It also features an incredibly catchy hook you won't be able to get out of your head.

2. "Sfmu. (So, Fuck Me Up)" - boysloveflowers

This is another love song with a beautifully chill vibe that transports you to another world. This song sounds like it should be featured in the background of a love scene on a gay-themed Netflix series. The lyricism, flow, and atmosphere makes this a true favorite.

1. "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)" - Lil Nas X

If you don't know Lil Nas X's music at this point, you've been living under a rock. He had two of the biggest songs of 2021 (this song and "INDUSTRY BABY" with Jack Harlow) and released his debut album, "MONTERO." His success is a breath of fresh air and will hopefully lead to more mainstream representation. This song (with its sexually upfront lyrics) and video (with its reclamation of Christianity's homophobic narrative) makes this a worthy choice for the number one spot.

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