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This past week, I've been actively working my way through the first season of one of my new favorite shows- Netflix's 'Queer Eye.' Introduced to me by my sister, it didn't take long for me to fall in love with everything that the show is about, and with Pride Month coming to a close, I want to share how this groundbreaking show is capable of changing the world's heart in more than one way!

If you don't know what 'Queer Eye' is, it's a makeover-based reality show in which five gay men (aka 'The Fab 5') work to change the lives of people across the United States. Each member of The Fab 5 has a different area of expertise- fashion, makeup and hair, culture, interior design, and culinary- that they use to help people who are in a "slump" rediscover their potential. From straight men who have lost their sense of self-worth to gay men who are struggling to accept themselves (and women, too!), 'Queer Eye' covers a wide range of diversity and inclusion to prove that everyone struggles sometimes, and everyone can be helped!

Throughout each episode, The Fab 5 make a life-long bond with the person (or people) that they're working to help. In addition to brushing up on cooking skills for a healthier lifestyle, reorganizing and decorating rooms for a more comfortable home, and perfecting outer expression to build confidence and staying true to yourself, 'Queer Eye' offers an even more important guidance that everyone can learn from, which is realizing your true potential.

A lot of the people who sign on to be a part of 'Queer Eye' have expressed that the change made within a span of a few days is far from what they were expecting. Most of the time, the people nominated have been done so for particular reasons- they're sloppy, unkempt, unorganized, or have simply never used a kitchen before. But the true gem that The Fab 5 offers help in a usually hidden area, which is self-love.

Sometimes the underlying reason for being nominated stems from a deeper-rooted issue, which is a lack of respect and love for one's self. This is where The Fab 5 is able to save the day- a nice wardrobe or the ability to differentiate hair cream from skin cream can be very important, but each of the men knows that it all means nothing if you aren't able to appreciate yourself.

So, much to my delight, I soon realized the true purpose of the show, which isn't to point out flaws but rather to point out potential. The Fab 5 are not there to criticize your cooking or interior design choices- they're there to help you blossom into the person you were meant to be.

But the most special part of the show, in my opinion, is that 'Queer Eye' is not limited to the people they help on the show. Some of the lessons that they teach to the nominated people can reach through the screen and into your own heart! Everybody goes through hard times, and everybody could use a little encouragement now and again. If you truly watch the show with an open heart, you may realize that The Fab 5 have helped to change your life a little, too! Whether they've inspired you to finally clean your room or bust out the never-used juicer, The Fab 5 has the power to help you to realize your true potential and change your life for the better!

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