"Queer Eye" has two seasons on Netflix with a third one currently in the works. It is honestly the best thing on TV right now.

Seasons one and two take place in Georgia. The Fab Five — Jonathan, Antoni, Tan, Karamo, and Bobby — embark on a journey across the state to give guys makeovers. All of the men that they make over have been nominated by friends and family who think that they need a little extra something in their lives. Some of them want to find love, while others are lacking self-confidence. Some just want to reinvent themselves.

Tan is the go-to guy for style. He always incorporates things that the men he's making over like. He makes the guys feel more comfortable in their new, upgraded shoes.

Antoni helps the men enjoy and appreciate good food. Not only does he give them healthier options, but makes recipes work with their lifestyles. For example, a hardworking dad doesn't have a ton of time to make meals, but Antoni gave him some tips to make a good meal that his family enjoys that doesn't take forever to make.

Jonathan makes the men over visually. Haircuts, beard, and facial hair trimmings, all the way down to skincare. Jonathan, like the rest of the Fab Five, makes these people feel better about themselves. He gives them a fresh look that they can be proud of.

Bobby is by far the most underrated. He literally transforms these guys' living spaces. His use of navy and white in the majority of these homes and apartments makes the spaces look so open and neat while still making it the guys' own.

Karamo is the culture man. I like to think of him as emotional support and helping the guys' confidence, which is so important. A lot of the time, a little self-love can go such a long way.

This show is full of funny interactions between the five, heartfelt encounters with people from all walks of life, and moments of pure joy. "Queer Eye" is a celebration of life and love and finding yourself again, with just a little bit of help.

Thank you, "Queer Eye."

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