Queer-baiting And Why It's Detrimental To Society

Queer-baiting And Why It's Detrimental To Society

Queer-baiting affects every member of society, not just the LGBTQ+ community.

What is Queer-baiting?

Queer-baiting is the term used to “describe a tactic where a queer relationship is hinted at [in today's media] to appeal to the queer market, and then is denied.”

Although this is a relatively recent sociocultural phenomenon, its effects are not limited to the LGBTQ+ community. When the powers that be create homoerotic tension between two characters without following through, an audience's perception of reality is altered to conform to the idea that homosexuality “never leads to anything more.” In other words, the more queer-baiting occurs, the more we are led to believe that homosexuality is just an idea (equivalent with a television or movie trope) that will always exist in the realm of experimentation.

It's easy to say that this is just a way for fans to complain about why Character A belongs with Character B. The truth is, the individuals that have brought this into light really are onto something important. Although there is nothing wrong, in and of itself, with simply wanting to see your favorite characters in a relationship in your favorite universe, the fact that people are speaking up for the reality of LGBTQ+ relationships is quite a powerful statement about the evolution of society.

Slowly and steadily, media is growing inclusive of minorities for main roles. We are lucky to see all-female-created shows like Hulu's "Harlots," and Netflix's "Orange is the New Black," which stars actresses of various ethnicity (and makes an effort to describe their hardships in society). However, what we don't have enough of, by far, are healthy portrayals of homosexuality between anything other than cis-women.

Why the Imbalance?

It's quite simple. Homosexual cis-women (or cis-women simply engaging in homosexual acts) appeals to the dominant heterosexual audience just as heterosexual relationships do.

It seems society is not yet ready to own up to its treatment of ALL minorities. The media still pretends to cater to us all, but it still has a long way to go. The best thing we can do is continue to speak up and make them realize that we are here to stay.

Cover Image Credit: Jens Kreuter

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To The Girl Struggling To Find Herself

The journey of self-discovery starts with YOU.

Not gonna lie but I’ve had my struggles with self-esteem issues in the past and not loving myself for who I am, but who hasn’t? Don’t let the lack of confidence bring you down. Yes, it takes time for one to find the strength inside of them to be able to come to terms with who they are and they should embrace but the journey to that moment is a rough one. Trust me I know, I’ve been through this and I can tell you that yes, it’s hard but you can do it, girl I know you can.

I’m not gonna give you some cliché advice to love yourself like, “embrace your craziness” or “keep pushing” or anything like that. I’m here to give you creative ways to make you love yourself. Also, you can’t really love anyone else without self-love.

1. Take selfies

Take as many selfies as you need for you to feel good about yourself. Is your outfit is popping? TAKE A PICTURE. Makeup game strong? TAKE A CRAP TON OF PICS. If you feel good about yourself, then document the days. Post a pic a day on your Instagram if that makes you feel good about yourself, who cares if people get mad that you post every day. FORGET ABOUT THEM, they ain’t relevant.

2. Don’t wear makeup

No matter how much you might be in love with makeup, it’s best to take a day off from beating that beauty blender on your face. Confidence starts with being able to be comfortable in your own skin, not being covered up with a layer of foundation and then another layer of concealer.

Now I know what comments I’m gonna get after people read this... “I don’t wear makeup to hide my ugly skin, I wear it because I like to be creative,” and I get that. That’s not what I’m saying. I do the same, I wear makeup because I enjoy putting on music in the morning and trying out a new eye look every day.

But when I choose not to wear makeup one day to class, I feel good about myself because I have enough self-love to be confident in my own skin. BUT, I’m also confident even when I wear makeup as well.

3. Wear crazy outfits

Don’t be afraid to try wearing things out of your comfort zone. Before, I NEVER liked to wear sleeveless shirts or anything off the shoulder but if you could see me now, that’s all I wear. I love how confident I have become with my body in order to wear things like this.


I’ve become the biggest gym junkie that I’ve never seen myself become before. A few years before I had never been to the gym every day but now here I am going every day. And whenever I go, I feel so good about myself. Six months ago, I started this fitness journey and I don’t plan on getting off. You don’t have to be a huge bodybuilder to go workout. And if not going to the gym, eating healthy benefits the soul as well.

5. Send that message

There’s a boy you’ve been crushing on? TEXT HIM. I know that it doesn’t seem like anything would work out but I promise you, it doesn’t hurt to try. That’s where the confidence comes from. Wanna love yourself? SEND THE MESSAGE. JUST DO IT.

I really hope this could help you with your journey of self-discovery, I know it did for me and I'm happier now than I ever have before.

Cover Image Credit: Rohitha Rajasekar

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If You’re From Brownsville, TX, You Know You Love Charro Days

One of the most unique Mexican culture experience.

Growing up in Brownsville, TX, I always wondered what was out there. We are all the way down in the tip of Texas, but this state is so huge. Although sometimes I couldn’t wait to get away, I do miss certain parts of it. We have this city wide holiday called Charro Days.

If you grew up in Brownsville, you know Charro Days is a huge deal. It is a holiday that everyone looks forward to because of its meaning, and well, of course, the food. It happens once a year the last weekend of February. There is so much history behind the holiday that sometimes goes unnoticed due to the fact that lots of the attention is paid to other parts of the celebration.

Charro Days started in 1937 in hopes to lighten up the town during the Great Depression. The goal is to unite borders with Brownsville’s Mexican sister town, Matamoros. The rich culture that Brownsville had was one of a kind. There was so much to celebrate, so that’s what the people did.

Like I said, this event is city wide and is taking very seriously that the whole district takes From elote en vaso (corn in a cup) to espiropapas (fried potatoes on a stick), there are so many varieties of food that are served. There are festivals, parades, music, dances and so much more. The traditional “Grito” is a huge part of this celebration because it really represents the spirit of Mexicans and contributes highly to the Charro Days celebration.

During this time, Matamoros opens its border as part of signifying unity. Friends and families can walk across allowing them to share these festivities together. There is an event specifically for this called “Hands Across The Border” that signifies the mutual friendship between the two cities.

Who can forget about sombrero fest? This is a huge festival that takes place downtown where there is live music, contests, food, and lots of dancing. I think this is something a lot of the people look forward to because of the great Mexicans that they bring to play. It just really represents what our culture is all about.

Last, but not least, is what we call Mr. Amigo. The Mr. Amigo Association picks a Mexican personality that has had great impact in the US as in México. They range from movie stars to telenovela starts to singers. Mr. Amigo gives an appearance as the “Hands Across The Border” as well as in the parade that happens on Saturday.

There is so much rich culture to indulge in these three days. As a kid you probably came out dancing in the parade or with your school’s band. Whether you were a participant or in the audience, the enjoyment was one of a kind. This is such a treasure to the city of Brownsville, and I hope that one day people from all over have the opportunity to experience a Charro Days.

Cover Image Credit: Azalea Andrade

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