10 Quarantine Hobbies For Those Running Out Of Ideas
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10 Quarantine Hobbies For Those Running Out Of Ideas

Sincerely, a struggling extrovert

10 Quarantine Hobbies For Those Running Out Of Ideas

I'll say it. I am bored. The highlight of my day is working. Since when is a job or assignments the best thing I have going on? School is the primary sense of consistency I have going on, and work gives me the chance to talk to people other than those I live with. I would kill for some awkward small talk on a Milledge bus right now. I have been looking for ways to use the time for the best. I find hobbies. I talk to people. I give myself things to do to keep me busy. Here at 10 things I recommend for those struggling as much as I am:

1. Bullet Journal/ Scrapbook

Use this time to let your creativity peak. Fish out your old magazines that have probably date as far back as the pre-pandemic era. Get a bullet journal. Get inspo from Pinterest. Here is my board! Doodle. Write. Scrapbook. Take a little time to listen to your favorite music and relax and have fun with it.

2. Reorganize your playlists

You know those same 10 songs you listen to every time you run that you can't listen to anymore because it reminds you of that hill in your neighborhood? Or that one song that plays way too often in the retail store you work at? Or the one that is somehow always on the radio every time you drive? Branch out. Take time to delete all the songs you keep forgetting to and start from scratch. Listen to some new music and find some new favorites.

3. Start a new workout

You probably have tried to walk the neighborhood. It's the same houses, it's just hotter and a lot less enjoyable now that that's all you've done for the past few months. I really like 305 Fitness' hip hop workouts. It teaches you a routine to popular music and helps you feel fabulous while still burning a sweat. Beats the neighborhood loop any day.

4. Become a pen pal

Start writing letters. Put your own creative spin on it. It gives you a creative outlet, a sense of connection, and something to look forward to. I keep all of the ones I've received on my wall, and it reminds me of how connected we are and how small the world is. It's a cool way to show people you care about them.

5. Start a show you’ve considered but never started

There are so many shows people have recommended to me that I've never found the time to sit down and actually watch. Everyone's been obsessed with All America, Outer Banks, and Tiger King so far, but there are so many more. I really love Blacklist and the 100 if you're wanting something you can get hooked on. I like Schitt's Creek and Unbreakable Kimmy Schnitt for casual viewing. I like Sex & the City and Gossip Girl for when I want something fun that isn't a complete investment. Watch the shows you've never seen before. You can also share your screen on Zoom to watch shows with your friends or family as you talk about them in real-time.

6. Actually go through what you pin

I have a Pinterest board of clothes I never shop for, pictures I never take, crafts I haven't made, recipes I haven't tried. Actually go through them. Make the dinner. Decorate your bedroom. Get supplies for the DIY. Journal about your favorite quotes so you don't forget them. You have a whole website of inspiration specific to what you like that you've been building for this moment. Organize your pins. Look for things you actually want to do then actually get the supplies to do them.

7. Learn something new

If you are a college student, you might have access to Linked In Lynda. This is full of tutorials from how to use certain software or develop a skill or literally anything. They can also easily be added to your Linked In account to make you look more impressive. I also am a big fan of listening to Ted Talks while you get ready. Take that time to put on your moisturizer or brush your hair to learn something new about the world that peaks your interest.

8. Yoga/Meditation

Take time to take care of yourself when no one is there to make fun of your downward dog. You can find free classes on Amazon or Youtube as well as find plenty of apps for those wanting to start meditating. I love Smiling Mind because it's free and doesn't have adds and has access to plenty of guided meditations based on what you're wanting.

9. Blog/Write

Join the club. Start with things you're passionate about or get angry about. These are the easiest because the ideas come easy and you can just talk forever about it. People care about what you have to say. It helps you to make sense of your ideas and look for inspiration in less than ideal times. Get your thoughts out there. Share your insight. Take time to relax and focus on what you want people to know. It can be about literally anything. There are no rules.

10. Make new friends

Text the people you haven't heard from in a while. Follow up with them. Everyone is lonely. Ask random questions. Get to know people on a deeper level. Reach out to people daily or choose a person each day to check in on. They will appreciate you for it and you get to have some social interaction and get to know the people in your life better.

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