Put Down The Pumpkin Spice Latte

I repeat put down the pumpkin spice latte. August has finally come to a close and before that even happened most Americans started talking about the fall lineup. The lattes are back, the new shows on tv, and Halloween which will be coming in two months. We haven't even finished summer and here we are, ready to give up the sunshine and start preparing for the cold. That is what Autumn is all about right?

Open your calendars and look for September 22nd. This is the official start of Autumn. I repeat the official start of Autumn. Nowhere else on your calendar does it say that Autumn has started, just September 22nd. We are giving up summer. Yes, Labor Day normally means summer is coming to a close but let's not give it up while we can.

I guess I just don't understand the whole pumpkin spice latte and the love for Autumn. I have never loved the season because in my mind it means the trees are going to loose their leaves and cold is going to start creeping into my area. A girl from the North can only take so much cold and we have had our fair share of it these past few winters.

Yes, I do love Halloween and dressing up but that is two months away! Can't we start talking about that once October rolls around? We as Americans have a problem and we need to address it. We jump the gun too quickly and then ruin it. Do you realize Europe is making fun of us for our crazy habits and the fact that we follow the Kardashian's? While I have never actually cared about what Europe thinks or anything regarding the Kardashian's, unless it is to see Kim cry, we need to stop our stereotyping ways and enjoy summer.

Now I love Starbucks as much as the next girl (I really do, I have a gold card) but we need to enjoy summer while it is here. Fall is not here today. It won't be tomorrow. It will be here in a couple of weeks and when we come to that point I could possibly write an article on the Autumn and relate it to some TV show.

Until then, we need to enjoy summer while it is here. I know I do not want to see what comes after Autumn because it is not normally as nice. So my pumpkin spice loving American's, go put down your lattes and go outside and enjoy summer. Go to the beach or go to an Amusement Park. They are only here for a little bit longer and you do not want to miss out on them while you still have the chance. Summer is the one season in which we are able to go outside and really have fun and be free.

So go and have a great rest of your summer!

P.S. Pumpkin spice gives you constipation!

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