The Outrage That Lead Purdue To Ban Netflix

The Outrage That Lead Purdue To Ban Netflix

The days of pulling up Netflix during lectures are over...


Recently, Purdue University has been fed up with slow Wi-Fi during the middle of class and has taken action of banning Netflix. From now on in academic buildings, the campus is blocking the popular streaming service along with HBO, Hulu, etc. This uproar began when some of the faculty complained about how their networks were becoming so slow that it was unusable and it was a distraction in class.

Technology is constantly going to be a conflict between professors and students. Professors notice when students are distracted in class watching their show or movie. Also, the students around them get distracted too when they see the screen. This puts many students at risk of succeeding. Based on the distraction, professors agree that this would help regain student's focus in the classroom.

Although this may seem unreasonable to students, Purdue University officials have not received any complaints ever since they implemented the ban. As a matter of fact, many students aren't bothered by the fact that it is banned and it's not the hot topic to talk about around here.

In my opinion, it's because students have found a loophole where they can still access streaming services in the classroom. I tested it out and if I go off the Wi-Fi but use my data I can still use Netflix. So, it might have help with making the university Wi-Fi faster but it didn't help solve the professor's concern of students being distracted.

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