“Having a long day? Wishing it was the weekend already? Here’s a compilation of the best puppy butts out there. They’re cute, they’re fluffy and they’ll make you want to adopt a dog.

1. A very very wrinkly puppy butt.

These 3 bums are setting the stage for a "kick-butt" list of the most adorable puppy butts out there! With their silky wrinkles and just-months-old age, they couldn't be any cuter!

2. A lop-sided, fluffy butt.

You guess is as good as mine when it comes to "what is he even doing???" but honestly, who really cares? He's too cute to ask questions, just him be!

3. Jumping into the sea puppy butt.

This puppy butt is A-C-T-I-V-E. He's got mad hops and not a care in the world. He probably doesn't know how to swim, but does it really even matter since his thick coat will just float once it hits that salt water?

4. Struggling puppy butt.

Steps are hard. Especially for this 8-week old yellow lab. Where is her owner and their fashionable carrying case? She can climb them on her own once she's at least taller than a single stair!

5. Sunday fun day, relaxing puppy butt.

I truly think everyone can relate to this butt. It's lazy and fabulous at the same time, and honestly just doesn't have a reason to be moving around.

6. Side-view, ultra-fluff puppy butt.

Personal fave right here. This pup is just yearning to go play with the big dogs. Patience little one.

7. Waiting for mom to get home from work puppy butt.

How sad! A puppy butt should never be left alone like this, although someone is clearly taking this rear-view photo.

8. Hide 'n' Seek puppy butt (he lost).

Nice try, bud.

9. A clan of furry, friendly puppy butts.

Nearly 10 butts all in one shot? Nice work photographer! This has got to be a fan fave. These litter-mates are on a clear mission.

10. Twinning puppy butts.

Ugh, cue heart eyes.

11. The grand finale.

The fluffiest.

The most voluptuous.

The happiest.

Puppy butt...

goes to...

I have no words. This one just outdid all the rest, and then some.

There's no butts about it... this has got to be the cutest article I've ever written.