11 Puppy Butts Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face

11 Puppy Butts Guaranteed To Put A Smile On Your Face

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

“Having a long day? Wishing it was the weekend already? Here’s a compilation of the best puppy butts out there. They’re cute, they’re fluffy and they’ll make you want to adopt a dog.

1. A very very wrinkly puppy butt.

These 3 bums are setting the stage for a "kick-butt" list of the most adorable puppy butts out there! With their silky wrinkles and just-months-old age, they couldn't be any cuter!

2. A lop-sided, fluffy butt.

You guess is as good as mine when it comes to "what is he even doing???" but honestly, who really cares? He's too cute to ask questions, just him be!

3. Jumping into the sea puppy butt.

This puppy butt is A-C-T-I-V-E. He's got mad hops and not a care in the world. He probably doesn't know how to swim, but does it really even matter since his thick coat will just float once it hits that salt water?

4. Struggling puppy butt.

Steps are hard. Especially for this 8-week old yellow lab. Where is her owner and their fashionable carrying case? She can climb them on her own once she's at least taller than a single stair!

5. Sunday fun day, relaxing puppy butt.

I truly think everyone can relate to this butt. It's lazy and fabulous at the same time, and honestly just doesn't have a reason to be moving around.

6. Side-view, ultra-fluff puppy butt.

Personal fave right here. This pup is just yearning to go play with the big dogs. Patience little one.

7. Waiting for mom to get home from work puppy butt.

How sad! A puppy butt should never be left alone like this, although someone is clearly taking this rear-view photo.

8. Hide 'n' Seek puppy butt (he lost).

Nice try, bud.

9. A clan of furry, friendly puppy butts.

Nearly 10 butts all in one shot? Nice work photographer! This has got to be a fan fave. These litter-mates are on a clear mission.

10. Twinning puppy butts.

Ugh, cue heart eyes.

11. The grand finale.

The fluffiest.

The most voluptuous.

The happiest.

Puppy butt...

goes to...

I have no words. This one just outdid all the rest, and then some.

There's no butts about it... this has got to be the cutest article I've ever written.
Cover Image Credit: cleochen049

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45 Things Day Care Workers Say All Too Often

Toddlers are pretty much tiny, drunk people.

Being the keeper of tiny humans can be a very interesting job. You are constantly breaking up arguments, cleaning up messes, trying to keep them safe, and telling them not to do things that are well, sometimes pretty weird. They do and say the strangest things that'll make you wonder what is really going on in their little heads.

1. "No no no, don't do *something crashes to the floor* ....that."

2. "Bubbles in your mouths every body!"

3. "No, we don't eat our friend's snack."

4. "Hands to yourself."

5. "Get off of the table before you hurt yourself."

6. "Why do we even give them spoons?"

7. "We don't put toys in our mouths"

8. "Did you wash your hands?"

9. "Where do we run? Where are we right now?"

10. "Where are your shoes?"

11. "We don't talk like that here."

12. "Go tell them you're sorry"

13. "Get your finger out of your nose"

14. "Inside voices please!"

15. "Every one find a buddy."

16. "Ew ew ew, some body get me a tissue!"

17. "How did your shoes untie already? I just tied them five minutes ago."

18. "We do nice with our hands."

19. "Oh god, it's spaghetti day."

20. "Please, do not put noodles in your hair."

21. "Hold hands until we are on the play ground!"

22. "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head..."

23. "Do you have to poop?"

24. "Well you should at least try."

25. "Why didn't you go to the potty before we went outside."

26. "If I hear "Let it go" one more time..."

27. "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.."

28. "Mommy and Daddy will come back, I promise."

29. "No, no biting!"

30. "She had it first, you'll just have to wait until she's done."

31. "Ew, why are you dipping everything in applesauce?"

32. "Now, are you going to eat the vegetable with the ranch or just the ranch?"

33. "Then why did you say you weren't eating snack?"

34. "Put your arms back in your sleeves."

35. *Five minutes before closing* "Where are your parents??"

36. "I finally got him to sleep, everyone be quiet."

37. *You see one eye open* "Oh no..."

38. "Wow, all your kids are still sleeping!?" (We wish we said this more often)

39. "Don't eat that, it was on the floor!"

40. "Glue the google eyes on here." *puts the eyes anywhere but there*

41. "Stop fighting over who's going to turn off the lights, you'll get a turn tomorrow."

42. "Don't shove so much food in your mouth at once, you'll choke!"

43. "Chew and swallow your food before you get up."

45. "Don't touch anything until we wash your hands!"

As weird as these small people are, they are some of the sweetest beings on the planet. And although they drive you crazy, at the end of the day, they make you love your job.

Cover Image Credit: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1223221/images/o-KIDS-MESS-facebook.jpg

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Do Fish Really Reduce Stress? Stay Tuned To Find Out

In the high stress environment college students live in, its quite surprising that more students do not have fish.


As of yesterday my roommate and I have the tank set up for our new fish friends. We waited until the weather cooled down a bit so our new aquatic friends wouldn't boil to death in the heat and did some research on what kinds of fish would do well with our ten-gallon tank limitation. Due to space and university rules, you cannot have a tank larger than 10 gallons in the room which means that goldfish or fish in the goldfish family are unfortunately out of the running for living tank side.

I thought maybe we would be getting a beta fish as is standard for a majority of college fish, but seeing as my last beta fish jumped out of his tank to his doom and my roommate's last beta also met an unfortunate demise here we are.

Photo by t j on Unsplash

With a ten gallon tank, we have quite a few options and we seem to be leaning towards more smaller fish rather than fewer larger fish. I think it would be pretty cool to have a whole little school of fish. The key though is to find fish that will stay little. Anything that can grow up to four inches or larger is not an option. Just because the fish are small now, does not mean that they will stay that way for long.

Even though most fish will only grow to accommodate the size of the tank they live in, the goal is to provide enough space for all of our new friends to live comfortably. This means providing plants, rocks, and other decorations to hide in as well as ensuring that there are just enough fish in the tank so no one is lonely and not too many in the tank to cause sanitation issues. Often-times the more fish you have in a tank the more often you have to clean it, especially if you are reaching the limitations on both number and size.

Here we are with a tank full of water. The heater is set up. The filter is running. In four days we go to get our new buddies.

Pretty soon the experiment will begin to test and see how having fish affects both of our stress levels.

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