From the Girl Still Waiting For Ashton Kutcher To Say We've Been Punk’d

From the Girl Still Waiting For Ashton Kutcher To Say We've Been Punk’d

Because Trump's presidency can't be real... right?

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Surprisingly, the things Donald Trump said in the past that came out during his election weren’t enough to keep him out of the White House, what he said in office is just as bad, if not worse. His Twitter is full of enough dirt to fuel a hatred for the man. He constantly contradicts himself and sure some of the stuff he says is funny, but it’s his idiocy we were laughing at and it's actually getting less and less comical because the damage he’s doing is going to last far beyond his run in office. He represents the US as a country and that’s terrifying, were becoming the laughing stock of the world. I'm still in disbelief he made it this far. I've been waiting, since he won the election, for Ashton Kutcher to pop out and say "Hey America, you just got PUNK'D!"

He’s single-handedly attacked every group individually, women, immigrants (side note: HIS WIFE IS AN IMMIGRANT) and trans, basically bashing every minority in one way or another. He’s said a number of misogynistic things, banned transgendered people from the military, placed travel bans against Muslims and threatened DACA. Essentially reversing a lot of major improvements made by these groups over the course of the last few decades. These are just a few of the truly detrimental things he’s done, and he hasn’t even been in office a year. The fact that people still support him is mind-boggling and disappointing.

My latest issue with him is the way he handled the disaster in Puerto Rico. These people were- and still are, in great despair. Left without power, food and their homes and communities destroyed. Not only did it take too long for him to take action, when he did, it was a complete “too little, too late” situation. He, once again, sent out way too many heartless, insincere tweets. Additionally, he basically told the citizens of Puerto Rico they were lucky it wasn’t as bad as Hurricane Katrina, and proceeded to throw paper towel rolls into the audience like he was a mascot at a game throwing souvenirs into the crowd. He is as corny and phony as a mascot, but that came very short of what these people needed and was inappropriate.

These are just the RECENT harmful things trump has done, there are too many to count and I’m sure more will be added to the list. If you want to take a stand and continue to get updates, is a great way to do so. Also, you can make donations to Puerto Rico for relief from Hurricane Maria here:

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