I'm so thankful to go to a school like Washington State University.

Growing up, I heard people talk about how much they loved this place but I never really got it until I experienced it myself. WSU has a 'Cougs help Cougs' mentality which means we're there for each other. I've let strangers cry on my shoulder and made sure they got home safe.

I've gotten a "Go Cougs" on a plane in Amsterdam.

I've made fast friends with alumni who tell me how much they love this place too. There's something about the cougar spirit floating around in Pullman that makes our little part of the world a little better.

Pullman is a place that I could call home when I was so desperate to experience something new.

It gave me beautiful sunsets in the Walmart parking lot.

It gave me friends to laugh with and a shoulder to cry on. It taught me a lot of lessons about who I am and who I want to be. Eighteen-year-old me had no idea that this place would flip my world upside down in the best way possible.

Even though my time here isn’t over quite yet, I already miss it.

Choosing to go to WSU has been one of my greatest decisions and has given me the tools to make more great decisions as I prepare to make my debut in Spokane.

I don’t know what this place will look like when I come back to visit. I’m sure there will be different restaurants or stores, building will be remodeled and hopefully there's a Target. I hope anyone who gets to experience WSU feels as lucky as I do. People will come and go, but I hope the heart of Pullman stays the same.