College is supposed to be the four best years of your life, right? Sometimes it can be hard to remember that as you sit under the bright fluorescent lights of the library as everyone else slowly starts to leave and return to their bedrooms. On weekends and any time your with your friends, it's easy to remember how great college is, and then Monday rolls around. In 20 years are you gonna remember all the late nights with your head spent buried in a book? Probably not, but unfortunately you're technically there for a degree.

Everyone's been there, whether it's just a super late night or a night with no sleep, here are 31 thoughts you have when pulling an allnighter.

1. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

2. I should make a to-do list. 

3. I'm hungry.

4. Wow all my friends are leaving me.

5. At least no one can judge me, they're also here at (insert early hour of the morning). 

6. When is too soon for a study break?

7. Well, I should at least let my Snapchat streaks know where I am.

8. Okay I have to work now, but wow there's so much to do.

9. This is overwhelming.

10. Next week I'll sleep more. 

11. Okay if I just finish this one thing, then I can take a break. 

12. What should I do during my break?!

13. FOCUS!

14. Finally snack time. 

15. Back to work.

16. This time I need music. 

17. But not this song. 

18. Or this one. 

19. Okay music on now back to work. 

20. Look at me actually working. 

21. It's a new day, should I change the date on this assignment?

22. If I finish this by 3, then I can get home and at least have 4-ish hours of sleep.

23. *actually works for a while*

24. Wow I was so productive!

25. I deserve another break.

26. *20 minutes of Instagram stalking later*

27. Why was I just stalking my own account?

28. This time I'm really gonna get work done. 

29. I'M FINALLY DONE!!!!!!!!

30. Oops, I promised myself I'd go home two hours ago.

31. *Deliriously walks back to dorm, while thinking about deep life questions*