For a lot of us, packing for college is the first time in our lives where we are trying to navigate packing for an entire year.

It is no week-long vacation- you have to account for weather changes during different seasons, cleaning supplies, prescription refills, decorations, appliances, the list goes on.

And it seems like just when you think you have thought of every possible thing you could need, you think of one more. It's stressful but don't worry, you'll do fine. If you forget anything, there is always a Target nearby.

There are the obvious necessities that you will need: clothes, shoes, bedding, school supplies, makeup, shower supplies... and then there are the things that you might not think of until you're there and trying to move in. At least in my experience, there were. Hopefully, this will save somebody from taking the many target runs I had to make the first week.

Power strips and extension cords

Guys, the outlets in dorm rooms from my experience are almost always in the least convenient spots possible. Also there is usually only one or, if you're lucky, two per side of the room. If you're going to want a light and phone charger by your bed, or a laptop charger near your dest, good luck without extension cords. And realistically you will have more than four things you want plugged in (I had a fridge, microwave, room fresheners, etc.) and so I recommend a few power strips as well.

Command hooks

Sadly dorms aren't typically luxury, or spacious. Mine didn't even have a place to hang a hand towel. Command strips came in handy for everything from decoration, key holders, hanging my extra purses and sweatshirts, and I'm sure you will think of even more. I would recommend getting a few packs of these in various sizes just to keep around.

A good weekend bag


This isn't necessarily for the dorm itself but I can't tell you how many times my big weekend bag was used. Odds are you will be spending nights in friends room, lugging clothes and makeup across campus to get ready for games together, taking weekend trips, all kinds of little fun things that you wont necessarily want a suitcase for but at the same time your backpack probably wont cut it.

Over the door mirror


Dorms also have an odd shortage of mirrors, and if you are someone who likes to see what they look like before dashing off to class I would pick up a few of these. We had one on the main door, the closest door and the bathroom door as well. You know girls can never have too many mirrors.

A good jewelry organizer

Jewelry is kind of a pain to store and keep from getting disorganized and tangled without a good organizer. Whether a standing rack is going to be enough for you or you think you'd be better off with a jewelry cabinet, I would make sure to plan on one of the other.

A small water bottle and a huge one


Please don't let yourself get dehydrated just because the water filler is two floors down. I had a small water bottle that I filled regularly and took to class with me, as well as an obnoxiously large one that I filled once a day and kept in my room so than I didn't have any excuses to not be drinking. I also used the big one to make coffee and oatmeal in the mornings. I wouldn't recommend drinking from the sink.

A non-leak to go mug


There is nothing more annoying than hustling to class while hot coffee splashes all over your hands, so for mornings when you're in a rush I would definitely recommend a to go hot mug that completely seals.