We have all been there at work, class, or any situation where you aren't home and have to use a public restroom. Whether you have drunk too much water, came from the bitter cold into a warm store, or ate something your stomach didn't quite agree with, you rush into the restrooms and, lucky for you, it's clean and empty so you rush into the first or second stall (because people say they have the least germs) and go about your business.

Next thing you know the restroom is full of two moms who want to change their babies, a kid that is standing a little too close for comfort and the line is growing in front of your stall. People in desperation reach to try and open your door, but it's locked and you can literally feel your heart skip a beat. Now you have an eye staring at you through the gap in the stall and you are fully embarrassed.

What do you do?

1. Scream bloody murder

screaming gify

Is it a good idea? No, but they will immediately look away and, if you're lucky enough, they'll leave the restroom and try to forget the situation.

2. Wave

forest gump waving

Weird, but again anyone who looks into the stall (on purpose) is weird so you have the obligation to be weird right back!

3. Look away

michael scott no i don't like that gif

This is really what you would do because we don't want to be spied on (cough, cough, NSA!) Sometimes you make accidental eye contact with someone you just have to look away.

4. Look down

degrassi gif

This is more of a preventative measure because there are some stall doors that have these HUGE gaps that you have to take measures to keep your identity safe.

5. Use toilet paper

homer hiding gif

Seems unorthodox and like a waste of paper but you need this tip. I learned this back in my old high school when I saw toilet paper hanging from the stall door and I thought "Ugh, messy people," but when I took them down I noticed that if someone walked right in front they could see me without even trying!

I put the toilet paper back and next time the gap was unexpectedly too big I use toilet paper to cover and WHAM! BAM! Safety!

Anyway, those were my tips for the huge gaps in the bathroom, you're welcome!