If Puberty Was A Game Show, It'd Be An Awful Lot Like This

Make way for Puberty-Pardy.


We've all gone through puberty at some point. Whether you are an early or late bloomer only delays the inevitable. Voices get deeper, heights increase and we all know the rest. So one day while I was eating lunch, I was asked a very peculiar question.

"What would puberty be like if it was a game show?"

Well, I'm glad you asked.


Puberty-Pardy is the hit new game show that's sweeping the nation!

The game is played by spinning a wheel with random categories relating to puberty: Voice, Muscles, Hair, Height, Sexual Stuff, Pimples, and last but not least, B.O.

Harry: All right right ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Puberty-Pardy! I'm your host Harry Johnson, and I'll be introducing your contestants.

Harry: First up is Jimmy, a 12-year-old boy from Wisconsin. He was unwillingly dragged into this just like the rest of our contestants… Let's see what he has in store for us!

Jimmy: Oh boy! *spins wheel*

Harry: Oh my, Jimmy! You got Voice, tell me how it feels!

Jimmy: AMaaaZinnGGG!! *voice cracks* I cAANnnn FInnaaLLYy CAll OuTTAAaaa SChoOLll SiiccK!

Harry: You sure can! Go ahead and give it another try!

Jimmy: Yesss! *spins*

Harry: Congratulations! You got Hair! We'll check it out later…

Harry: Uh, it's double spin time! Go ahead and spin the wheel twice for us!

Jimmy: Wooo! *spins twice*

Harry: Sweet mama, Jimmy! You got Height and Muscles! How do you feel?!

Jimmy: *Morphs into the Hulk* GIRLSSS.

Harry: Oh, dear. It seems he's going off on a Hormone Rampage.


Harry: Alrighty… Thanks for watching, folks!

Curtains close, with high pitched screaming and the shattering of glass in the background.

Yeah... that sounds about right.

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Cover Image Credit:

Vine/Katie Ryan

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If you do any of the following, you're probably a serial killer:

1. Pour the milk in before the cereal

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7. Sit in the front seat of the Uber

8. Bite your lollipops

9. Take pills dry

10. Think all water tastes the same

11. Use the drawers at a hotel

12. Use Internet Explorer

13. Sit on the same side of the booth as your significant other (when dining just you two)

14. Have the Snapchat dog filter in your profile picture

15. Like your own photos on social media

16. Prefer crunchy peanut butter over smooth

17. Clap when the plane lands or the movie ends

18. Text in landscape mode

19. Turn on the water AFTER you get in the shower

20. Put faces and eyelashes on your car

21. Don't use turn signals while driving

22. Enjoy coleslaw

23. Eat your bagel like a sandwich

24. Have a stick figure family on your car

25. Yeet all your clothes in the washer/dryer at once without separating them

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