13 Times You Realize Your Love For Psychology Is Part Of Your Everyday Life Now
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13 Times You Realize Your Love For Psychology Is Part Of Your Everyday Life Now

No, we don't worship Freud.

13 Times You Realize Your Love For Psychology Is Part Of Your Everyday Life Now
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Ah, psychology majors. I'm sure you know a few. One of my majors is psychology, and I have heard everything from different people about psych majors. We are all kinds of different types of people, but one thing we have in common is that we love the way that people think and interact with our environment.

We also bond over all the stereotypes that psych majors tend to have. Below I have compiled a list of things psych majors know and hear, and if you are one-- you'll definitely be able to agree.

1. No, we can't read your mind.

"OMG, you're a psych major?! Tell me, tell me, what am I thinking of right now?!" Honestly, I have no idea. I could maybe try and guess, but it probably wouldn't be right.

2. Freud does not define our entire major

Look at him. Being all creepy. Most people only took intro psych because they had to and are under the impression this creep is all of what psychology is. But, there is so much more to psychology than good 'ole Sigmund.

3. We are seen as the "easy" major, but it isn't "easy" at all.

And this is my face when people say that it must be "so easy" or ask "Do you study serial killers all day? Like their motives and stuff?"

4. Statistics

* Sarcasm implied* All psychology majors know those research methods and stats classes you have to trudge through.

5. Starting a paper or a study and realizing there isn't much literature to back it up

WHY is there no data on this topic? Why did I choose it?

6. Thinking you have a totally new research idea and it has over 100 studies

Oh. Wow. I thought I was original. I guess not.

7. You realize you can't do much with a psychology degree?

Wow, and why is that okay for you to say to me? I know that I am doing, thank you.

8. Graduate school

All our friends are going to graduate with a four-year degree, meanwhile, we still have a Master's degree and probably a Ph.D. to go.

9. Learning about a new disorder...

And sometimes realizing this could be what you have. Or what your friends have. Or learning that you're in the prime age for schizophrenia to onset.

10. But, just because I know disorders doesn't mean I can diagnose you.

Honestly, I have no idea what is wrong with you.

11. "Omg, so you want to be a counselor?!"

No, there are a thousand other jobs that have to do with psychology. Clinical psychologists, forensic psychologists, behavior analysts... the list goes on and on.

12. Presenting your research is an amazing feeling

Ah, yes! I worked hard on this. Please, look at it!

13. You love it and wouldn't want to major in anything else.

Because, really... it is super interesting and mentally stimulating. Which, why would you want anything else?

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